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Did You Catch These Easter Eggs In Taylor Swift’s ‘Anti-Hero’ Music Video?

Did You Catch These Easter Eggs In Taylor Swift’s ‘Anti-Hero’ Music Video?

The Midnights era is in full swing, and we’re beyond excited to see what Taylor Swift has up her sleeve! She’s teased a series of “music movies” that bring the songs to life, and the first one we’ve gotten is the thought-provoking music video for ‘Anti-Hero.’

The ‘Anti-Hero’ music video is a ride from start to finish, delivering three Taylors, oddly dressed ghosts, a crashed dinner party and even references to her cats. And, of course, since it’s Taylor Swift, there are a bunch of Easter eggs to look out for. Here are eleven we caught – did you spot them too?

Image Source: @tayloralison on Tumblr

“At least you have beautiful ghosts…”

The ghosts that haunt Taylor throughout the music video seem to be references to her past self – the cowboy hat points to her country roots, while the other two ghosts are wearing cat ears and heart sunglasses from her ’22’ music video.

“Wish I never hung up the phone like I did…”

This shot returns to the imagery in one scene of the ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ music video, which we recently talked to director Declan Whitebloom about! Both scenes see Taylor using a vintage phone against floral or leaf-printed wallpaper, and if it was intentional, this is the second Red reference of the video after the ghosts’ costumes.

Image Source: Taylor Swift on YouTube

“With every guitar string scar on my hand…”

The last time we saw this blue koi fish guitar was on Taylor’s Speak Now Tour when she played ‘Last Kiss!’ This scene might be about letting go of a version of your past self and the sadness you were facing at the time. The problem, Taylor, please don’t actually smash the guitar. You’re smashing our emotions in the process.

Image Source: @zen-coleman on Tumblr

“Made your mark on me…”

Ever since the Lover era, Taylor has been sneaking a personalized crest, complete with snakes and butterflies, into various videos – see the stained glass windows in the ‘ME!’ music video and the vault in the teaser clip she posted for Fearless (Taylor’s Version). This time, it’s back on two bottles of wine and maybe even that fireplace mantel.

Image Source: Taylor Swift on YouTube

“I’ve been the archer, I’ve been the prey…”

It turns out that normal-sized humans don’t quite like it when a giant crashes their dinner party, so one of Taylor’s tiny friends shoots an arrow at her. We think this is definitely a nod to ‘The Archer,’ which describes how Taylor has both hurt others and gotten hurt herself over the years. She wasn’t actually going to hurt her friends, but they didn’t realize that wasn’t her intention, nor did they give her the chance to show them.

Image Source: @treacherous on Tumblr

“Outside, they’re push and shoving…”

The image of Taylor shoving another version of herself looks a little familiar, no? That’s because she did it in the Taylor Mountain scene of the ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ music video! reputation Taylor shoved past versions of herself like a Fearless Tour Taylor – we’ll get back to her in a bit.

Image Source: Taylor Swift on YouTube

“Watched as you signed your name, Marjorie…”

Taylor’s video set designs always have impeccable attention to detail, and ‘Anti-Hero’ is no different. In the background of the bathroom scene, you can see a framed photo of her grandmother, who she previously sang about on 2020’s ‘marjorie!’

Image Source: Taylor Swift on Instagram

“We gather here, we line up weeping in a sunlit room…”

To bring the bridge of ‘Anti-Hero’ to life, Taylor threw her own funeral and staged some family drama among her kids and their partners, all topped off with a will that only really acknowledged her cats. She left each of her children just 13 cents, tying into her lucky number.

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Image Source: Taylor Swift on YouTube

And following up on the cat references, the funeral painting of future Taylor has superimposed photos of Meredith and Olivia while older Taylor is holding Benjamin. Can you spot them all?

Image Source: Taylor Swift on YouTube

“Drag me headfirst, fearless…”

We knew Taylor’s daughter-in-law was gonna be problematic from the first time we listened to the fear-filled bridge of ‘Anti-Hero,’ but the music video gave us another level of resentment. Kimber is more concerned with how much she’ll get from the will than she is about losing Taylor, and she’s even wearing a costume from Taylor’s 2009 Fearless Tour.

“We never go out of style…”

The final Easter egg we caught is in the final scene, where a giant Taylor walks up to the two smaller Taylors we saw earlier. Recognize her striped shirt? Taylor wore it in the TikTok video where she announced the title of ‘Karma!’

Image Source: @treacherous on Tumblr

What are your favorite moments of the ‘Anti-Hero’ music video? Let us know in the comments below, or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more Taylor Swift content, click here.


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