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The Rose Reunited: A Black Rose’s HEAL Together Tour Review

The Rose Reunited: A Black Rose’s HEAL Together Tour Review

Black Roses have been excitedly waiting and the time is finally here: The Rose have embarked on their HEAL Together World Tour!—Cue us freaking out!—Black Roses all over the world have eagerly kept up with every new detail the band dropped over the past few months; from their first mention of creating a new album to their fun interactive scavenger hunt.

Image Source: The Rose Official Twitter

The band certainly kept us on our toes, stirring our excitement for their album, HEAL, and their tour. You could say fans had one mood until we could finally see them live on stage:

“I know it hurts but it’s the truth
My heart’s so sour without you”

– ‘Sour’ by The Rose

And on the evening of October 11, 2022, our chance had arrived!


The Lead-Up

We donned our ponchos as cold rain fell and took our place behind the hundreds of committed Black Roses who arrived even earlier. All of us hoping to ensure the perfect spot to witness one of the most legendary comebacks of our lifetime.

The rain felt like a justified addition to the evening, as several fans struck up the chorus from ‘She’s In The Rain.’ Previously, even Woosung noted The Rose’s connection with rain in their documentary, The HEAL Project, currently being released in parts on YouTube. 

“Of course, it rains. It’s The Rose. When the four of us go somewhere it always f*cking rains. Right? Every time.”

Woosung, The HEAL Project | Episode 1

As the line grew, Black Roses chatted with friends they came with as well as fans they met in line. The mood was warm despite the chilly weather. Then, we started to move, joining the sea of Black Roses already waiting inside. Hold on, if a bunch of Black Roses are in one venue, does that make us a Bouquet? Moving on.

Show Time

Radius is not a small venue and The Rose packed it out. We’re just saying, next time they’ll be needing stadiums to hold all of the Black Roses on their tour. After finding our spot on the side of the stage, comfortably wedged between excited Broses and a massive iron beam, the show began.

A Black Rose films the stage with a DS.
Image Source: Nina Negrón for THP

Woosung, Dojoon, Hajoon, and Jaehyeong donned the outfits from their ‘Sour’ MV, like they had stepped right off our laptop screen and onto the stage. In that moment, we realized that this was actually happening. We were seeing The Rose live!

They appeared quite dapper as they coolly—majestically—took their places on stage amid the exhilarated screams of fans. The Rose opened the evening with the instrumental intro from their latest album HEAL. Of course, fans on The Rose’s official Discord already knew the setlist since a certain member 👀 “secretly” shared it before the show. 

We watched as the members shared bright smiles with each other between singing lyrics, just as caught up in the pure elation of being back on tour as their fans were. It felt as though, for a few hours, we slipped into a musical cloud nine where all stress was forgotten at the door. There was only The Rose, Black Roses, and music. 

It’s Live

For a brief moment, Woosung worked alongside the venue audio crew to adjust their levels. It was fascinating to see the technical side of the band at work. Woosung even played a few wild guitar riffs to test the audio too which was—honestly—life-changing. 

As the band and staff carefully and professionally adjusted the audio, Dojoon engaged fans with funny quips and questions such as what songs we thought they would be playing. Of course, a chorus of favorite song titles were exuberantly shouted out to him.

It became a playful, improvised ment that brought an extra bit of fun into the night. With live music there will always be something unexpected, yet, The Rose maintained their magnetic stage presence and kept the show going like the stellar pros they are. That is what makes a show, a show

Healing Together

As we write this article, we’re reminded of how special the evening felt. After years of patient, hopeful waiting, The Rose and Black Roses were triumphantly reunited on tour. Their tour name, The HEAL Together Tour, fully captures what happened at their show. 

During ‘See-Saw’ – a beautiful and emotionally vulnerable song written as a conversation between Jaehyeong and the members, and ‘Childhood,’ Black Roses around us closed their eyes and let the lyrics sink in as the lights illuminated the crowd and the stage, making us aware of how connected we can be through music. 

Jaehyeong’s exquisite lyricism deserves to be applauded. The honesty of his feelings in ‘See-Saw’ clearly deeply resonated with every single person, in a room filled with thousands.

Now, when it came time for Hajoon’s verse no one was prepared. Not only is he an absolute fiend on the drums but his vocals? Amazing, stunning, beautiful. We need to hear more of Hajoon’s vocals on future The Rose albums, please. We’re not the only ones who are asking, even the members highlighted his lovely vocals after the song!

The Rose plays their song ‘RED’
Image Source: Nina Negrón for THP

A sweet surprise was the inclusion of Woosung’s solo song ‘Modern Life’ from his latest EP MOTH. We were particularly excited to hear this one and scream along to the chorus—Black Roses you know exactly what we mean. Yes, it was a cathartic experience raising our lightsticks in the air and yelling “F*ck this modern life!” as The Rose absolutely crushed it on stage. There’s no doubt that this concert was truly healing for many fans.

See Also

We Rose You

Image Source: The Rose Official Twitter

We’re not the same as we were before attending The Rose concert. It’s impossible to be. Hearing them live is an experience we’ll never forget. But it seems we won’t have to wait too long to experience it again. After their encore of ‘Black Rose,’ Woosung addressed the crowd. 

“We want to come back next year and see all of you again. We always say this, but we rose you!” 

Woosung, Chicago HEAL Together Tour

Did we scream so loud after hearing those words that we lost our voice? Yes, absolutely, with no regrets. The power Woosung knows he holds is ridiculous and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

The Rose ended the night by sweetly handing out red roses to fans’ outstretched hands and taking a huge group photo to commemorate the show. Dojoon asked the members to come back to center stage where they all joined hands and bowed. It was a bittersweet goodbye to an enrapturing night that we’ll talk about for years to come.

The Rose will be wrapping up their tour on February 19, 2023, in Barcelona so be sure to snag tickets to a show in your area now! Trust us, this is one concert you don’t want to miss. Now, we just have one thing left to say to The Rose.

“Thank you for your time
Cheers to a new opening
I’ll miss you endlessly
Hope we meet again someday
Smiling like before”


Black Roses, are you attending one of their tour stops? What’s your favorite track from HEAL? Drop a comment below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop, or comment on our Instagram and Facebook.

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