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These 7 Maggie Lindemann Songs That Will Spookify Your Halloween Playlist

These 7 Maggie Lindemann Songs That Will Spookify Your Halloween Playlist

It’s that time of year again, honey bees! SPOOKY SEASON! And it brings all our favorite things: hoodie and sweater weather, pumpkins, spooky-themed movies and music, and more! This made us think of Maggie Lindemann and some of our favorite songs of hers that give off all the spooky vibes!

We know you adore her as much as we do, and we hope that you also adore Halloween as much as we do because we have compiled a list of seven Maggie songs that will add just the right amount of (pumpkin) spice to all your spooky themed playlists and get you in the spooky spirit!


What movie is more iconic to watch during the spooky season than Edward Scissorhands? Now, you get double the amount of bada** and double the number of ‘Scissorhands.’ We would even offer up a crossover costume idea: Maggie Scissorhands, where you dress like Maggie but have Edward’s makeup and Scissorhands. We’re picturing it now, and it’s ICONIC!

‘Knife Under My Pillow’

This entire song gives us horror movie plot vibes, and we are LIVING for that aspect of this song. Paranoia, a knife under a pillow, feeling of dread, spine-chilling: all the best parts of suspense-fueled movies! It’s one of our absolute favorite Maggie songs, and we know it’s the perfect addition to all of your Halloween-themed playlists!

‘Gaslight!’ Ft. Siiickbrain

This song lives in our heads rent-free, and the music and rhythms give off thriller vibes. Siiickbrain slayed this feature, and the inclusion of her vocals sends this song to the next level. 10/10 would recommend for your spooky playlists.

‘How Could You Do This To Me’ Ft. Kellin Quinn

Maggie, Maggie, Maggie! THIS SONG IS EVERYTHING! She didn’t have to go so hard on it, and yet she did, and we can’t function without listening to this song at least once. A song about being in a toxic relationship (and owning up to the fact that you were the toxic person)? Scary to think about, but also brave to admit!

‘break me!’ Ft. Siiickbrain

Siiickbrain is back on another feature with Maggie, and this song is about addiction and the feeling of being intoxicated by whatever your addiction may be. Maggie said about the single that, to her, it’s about “coping with self-infliction or, getting more f*cked up or, lust or whatever it is, like the things that you use to cope, and just feeling so broken and your heart is decaying, and it’s literally trying to break you down.” Sounds like it almost makes you feel zombie-like with a decaying heart, no? It will add a unique feel to your Halloween playlists, and you need to add it asap!

‘Crash and Burn’

This song further proves that Maggie has earned her title of pop-punk princess 100x over! She embraced this genre flawlessly, and the track explores the feelings of betrayal and angst, the perfect addition for all things Halloween!

‘Self Sabotage’

We’ve all gone through phases in life where we’ve caused ourselves to self-sabotage one way or another. This song sums up that phenomenon perfectly, and the production and beats on this track add the perfect amount of spookiness while still hitting us right in the feels. It will get everyone around you just as hyped as you are, and it NEEDS a spot on your playlist!

Add these songs to your playlist, and enjoy the spooky season the right way, witches!

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🎃Happy Halloween!🎃

What Maggie songs would you add to your spooky playlists? Did we list your favorite on our list? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also reach out to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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