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5 Halloween Fits Inspired By Horror Movie Villains!

5 Halloween Fits Inspired By Horror Movie Villains!

Halloween is right around the corner! It’s almost time for haunted houses, candy, horror movies, and pumpkins. (i.e the BEST time of year).

If you’re anything like us at The Honey POP, you’ve been preparing for spooky season since July. You’ve already got your Halloween costume picked out and ready to be shipped, your house was decorated on October 1st, and you have a marathon of horror movies queued on your television.

Or maybe you’re looking for a more low-key way to celebrate the season? Luckily for you, we’ve curated the perfect outfits inspired by the most iconic horror movie villains.


Image Source: Casey Seagriff

Ghostface from the horror movie Scream franchise, is all about black. You can style this however you want but some of our favorites include these straight-leg black jeans from Urban Outfitters paired with this black corset-like top. You can pair it with any black shoe such as Doc Martins or Mary Jane’s.

A black dress or skirt you already have in your closet works, too! Throw on a pair of fishnets or babydoll socks to pull the whole thing together. You can even get these super cute Scream earrings from Etsy. Just add a mask and you’re all set.

Carrie White

Image Source: Casey Seagriff

Carrie White could be considered the victim or the villain in this iconic horror movie, depending on how you look at it. However, we couldn’t not include her in this list. Carrie’s prom dress is simply stunning and we have scoured the internet for something just as beautiful. This slip dress has lace detailing on the neckline and the skirt. It does not come with blood all over it, so grab a bottle of SFX make-up! A perfect fit for a prom queen!

You can dress it up by wearing a pair of heels or make it more casual by wearing a chunky shoe and throwing on a leather jacket.

Image Source: Micheal Gibson, Sony Pictures via USA Today

Maybe you’re a Carrie fan, looking for something more subtle? You can opt for this cute flannel and denim outfit worn by Chloe Grace Moretz in the 2013 remake of Carrie.

This flannel from American Eagle is the same color scheme as the original movie and it would look great with a jean skirt or this denim dress.


Image Source: Casey Seagriff

Stephen King’s It took the world by storm a few years ago when the remake was released. Fans dressed as Pennywise and Georgie for Halloween, carrying the signature red balloon. If you don’t want to go full face paint, red hair pennywise, we’ve got a great alternative.

This simple white baby doll dress is perfect when paired with a few red accessories such as a headband or a statement necklace. If it’s a little colder where you are, a pair of black or tan slacks paired with this balloon sleeve blouse from H&M will look great. You can wear a pair of red shoes or style this red bucket hat into either outfit.

Freddy Krueger

Image Source: Casey Seagriff

Freddy Krueger has a very signature look of a striped sweater and a bladed glove for a hand. But, you don’t have to go all out to match your favorite villain.

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This striped sweater from Hot Topic is the perfect way to honor the original. A pair of black jeans or this skirt from ASOS works well with the black sweater.

Another outfit could be a flannel layered over a plain black or white top and black cargo pants. Of course, Freddy Krueger is nothing without his signature fedora-style hat. You can pick up this “Make Your Mark Fedora” from Fashion Nova or go for this brown beanie.

Michael Myers

Image Source: Casey Seagriff

Michael Myers is usually pictured wearing dark blue coveralls. If you’re looking to rock this style without committing to the whole costume, you can pair denim overalls with a long black sleeve and an army-type jacket to bring the whole look together. 

If you want to stick closer to the original you can find this denim coverall from Free People and wear it with these heeled boots from Nasty Gal. Pair it with some chunky boots and you’ll look just like Michael (minus the blood).

And there you have it! 5 outfits inspired by the most iconic horror movie villains. Happy haunting! Hopefully, this list has given you some ideas on how to “spook-ify” your wardrobe this October. You could even say we…. gave you a hand with your Halloween fit!

Did you try any of these outfits out? We want to see it! Tweet us @thehoneypop and let us know if we missed your favorite horror movie character.

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