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Who Gave 5SOS The Right To Break Our Hearts With The ‘Older’ Music Video?

Who Gave 5SOS The Right To Break Our Hearts With The ‘Older’ Music Video?

Please give us a moment while we cry about 5SOS breaking our hearts once again. Okay, we’re good. Now, let’s talk about ‘Older’ and this music video that actually destroyed us. Yes, we mean it very literally. It destroyed us. We are still on the floor, sobbing in the fetal position.

We spend about 23 of the 24 hours in our day thinking about 5SOS, more specifically, the recent release of ‘Older’ ft. Sierra Deaton. (Yes, you read that right. One of the best women in the world blessed 5SOS with her feature.) Now, weeks after their 5th album release, 5SOS has destroyed us again with a music video.

Let’s Talk Cinematography!

This music video is beyond magnificent. Every clip left our jaw further on the floor. We want to applaud the cinematographer for the work they very clearly put into this. The lower angles and lens flares make the video feel almost magical. We can’t take our eyes off the screen.

The boys of 5SOS told us that this song and video had heavy influences from the 50s and 60s. It also has some fun, and by fun we do mean heartbreaking, messages that could be interpreted. This entire video is just one big painful masterpiece.

The Casting Is Otherworldly!

One thing we noticed is the diversity in the cast! No two actors look the same, and there’s so many beautiful faces throughout the video. We can always appreciate showing all sides of life; POC, queer, not being in a relationship at all, or even being in a relationship with more than one person!

This video shows many different dynamics, family, and relationships. It’s refreshing to see all walks of life in one video. However, we would’ve appreciated some of our best girls! Crystal and Sierra would’ve made great editions! Especially since Ms. Deaton did help write and perform the song! 5SOS, you should’ve made it happen. 

Another Round For The Song!

We know that we never shut up, but can you blame us? ‘Older’ is such a painful ballad, yet we can’t seem to turn it off. It’s like 5SOS planned it that way, and knowing those sneaky little Australians, they did plan it that way. Touché 5SOS.

When we’re not catching up on our fall reading or making bands want to be our best friends, we’re listening to 5SOS5. When we listen to the album we’re almost forced to play the ‘Older’ music video. It’s like the golden rule, and we here at The Honey POP are good law-abiding fans! 

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Although we clearly have so much more to say, we don’t wanna keep you here forever. Unless, well if you insist on listening to us go on forever, our Discord server is full of little honey bees who love all things 5SOS!

What’s your favorite part about the ‘Older’ music video? Who will you want to be with if the world ends? How hard did 5SOS slay with this music video? Why is the answer to that last question a broken scale? Feel free to let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.


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