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5 Songs By The Vamps Your Playlist Needs

5 Songs By The Vamps Your Playlist Needs

The Vamps for Boys by Girls

For any boyband fiend, The Vamps aren’t new, but even with 10 years of music behind them there are still thousands who haven’t experienced the pop excellence, and we can’t let that happen. With remixes, live and acoustic versions, and even re-recordings The Vamps’ discography racks up over 180 songs with over 10 hours to choose from, of which we’ve picked the five songs you need to be adding to your playlist.

The Vamps black and white group photo to promote their new tour and music so you add their songs to your playlist
Image Source: Dean Sherwood
‘Wild Heart’

There is nothing that creates 2014 nostalgia like the British band’s first album Meet The Vamps. Most notably ‘Wild Heart,’ there may not be a song that gets a room truly going like this one does. For the first track on their first album, they couldn’t have started with a stronger tune and this one has truly stood the test of time becoming even more of a bop than it was!


You don’t understand. Brad Simpson singing about someone’s cheating boyfriend and saying he’d treat them better is something we didn’t know we needed, and yet we couldn’t live without it. Coming off their sophomore album Wake Up released in 2015, for the sake of music, this pop punk vibe is something The Vamps should be doing more of.

‘Shades On’

If you’ve ever needed a song about feeling good after getting over an ex… this is it. The band sing about being able to keep their ex out of view with their ‘shades.’ If anyone knows the link to these shades, please send them our way! The feel good vibes are strong with this one!

‘Somebody To You’

Arguably the most best The Vamps song and definitely one of their most popular, we have another track off their debut album (an album of bops). This track has a version in which Demi Lovato features and Laura Marano appears in the music video… iconic.

‘Treading Water’

The time has come, this wouldn’t be all the songs you needed if we didn’t include one heartbreaker. There is only one way to describe this song and that’s…ouch. Coming straight from their newest album, Cherry Blossom, the band sing through their feelings of loneliness, and deciding this isn’t the end of the world and working through those feelings and coming out the other side happier and more motivated. If you couldn’t think it could get any sadder (we didn’t) the live version really rips at those heartstrings.

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Are there any other The Vamps hits we missed? Which songs are you adding to your playlist? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPop. We’re also around on Facebook and Instagram so let’s teleport back to 2015 and rock Barbados with The Vamps!


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