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Our Favorite Casey Moreta Moments

Our Favorite Casey Moreta Moments

Who is Casey Moreta? One of our favorite musicians, of course! Not only is he the amazing guitarist for Hey Violet, but he’s very sarcastic (same), a jokester, and the sweetest person. Sometimes says and does some kinda weird things (which we love him for), and we could honestly see ourselves being besties with him. But don’t just take our word for it, check out some of our favorite Casey Moreta moments.

His Flower Picking Rant

This is quite possibly one of the most memorable Casey moments to exist. Every Ultraviolet remembers Casey’s iconic rant about picking flowers. Just don’t do it, don’t pick flowers, kids.

When He Definitely Moved That Vacuum That Was Giving Rena The Creeps

We here at THP love each other like family, which means we also love to prank each other a bit. That’s why Casey moving this vacuum that Rena was spooked by outside of her room while she slept is one of our favorite moments. Honestly, this is something we would do, so we appreciate it Casey.

Any Time We See Him With Animals

Okay, so who doesn’t love animals? Whether it be with Rena’s cat Salem, or his own dog Apollo, Casey becomes an absolute softie around animals. How could we not love that?

@itsheyviolet he loves his uncle casey 🖤#catsoftiktok #cattok #herecomestheboy ♬ Here Comes the Boy – Theme – 88century

When He Sang Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ In A British Accent

Some of you forgot about this video too quickly. We never knew we needed to hear Casey Moreta sing a Justin Bieber song, let alone while attempting a British accent. But now that we’ve heard it it’s one of our favorite things. It’s okay he didn’t get all the words quite right, we believe he deserves an A for effort.

That Time He Gave Us A Guitar Cover Of Harry Styles’ ‘Watermelon Sugar’

During quarantine, Casey played a series of guitar covers on his Instagram. While they were all pretty great, ‘Watermelon Sugar‘ was definitely our favorite. You know we can’t resist a crossover between Hey Violet and Harry Styles.

And The Time He Played An Acoustic Version of The Adventure Time Theme Song

The autumn vibes were strong coming from this cover. Casey playing a song from one of our favorite cartoons was another one of those things we never knew we needed but appreciate greatly. We need this on Spotify now!


this song always feels very “autumn” to me 🍂🌳

♬ original sound – Hey Violet

When We Got Some Casey Vocals On This Acoustic Version of Hey Violet’s Song ‘Sway’

A year ago Hey Violet played an acoustic version of their song ‘Sway’ during a virtual show and we still can’t get over it! Our ears were blessed by some background vocals from Mr. Casey Thomas Moreta himself, which is very uncommon. We just might like this version better than the original, and we definitely need some Casey and Nia vocals to make an appearance on HV2.

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Everything He Did During This Cover

Brace yourselves, because we’re about to take you way back to the days before Hey Violet even existed. Back when Rena, Nia, and Casey were still in a band called Cherri Bomb they covered Ariana Grande’s ‘Problem.’ Honestly, we’re here for everything Casey did in this video, from the amazing guitar work to the backing vocals.

And Finally, That Time He Just Wanted To Make Friends With The Geese

This is another one of those older videos we’d be willing to bet most of you remember. While Rena may argue that he was harassing them, Casey just wanted to make friends with these geese. It’s okay Casey, we’ll be your friends.

Did we miss any of your favorite Casey Moreta moments? If so be sure to send them to us in our comments over on Twitter @thehoneypop!


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