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4 Times Frank Ocean Left Us In Shock

4 Times Frank Ocean Left Us In Shock

Frank Ocean has received critical acclaim, mainstream success, and a vast fanbase throughout his career. While the music icon is not very public about his life, he still leaves us shocked at everything he does. It’s rumored- that he will be releasing his third album soon, so in the meantime let’s rewind into the last couple of years.

1. His Style

Frank Ocean always ends up on our best-dressed list. His style has evolved throughout his career from rolled-up bandanas to luxury brand red carpet looks. Frank makes sure to leave us taking a double take on some of his iconic looks. For his 30th birthday, he wore crystal mesh Gucci leggings. Iconic, right? And he made sure to turn heads at the 2021 Met Gala when he carried the Homer baby doll down the carpet wearing Prada.

2. When His Hair Was Pink And Green

Anyone can rock a bold hair color, but nobody does it like Frank. The buzz cut plus the hair colors are now known to be his signature looks, and when he dyes his hair a new color, everyone else follows. He is a true trendsetter. When Frank Ocean dyed his hair green, it left us in shock and guessing what color he was going to do next.

3. His Jewelry Line

In 2021, Frank Ocean officially launched his independent American Luxury company, Homer. We all know Frank is a creator and is always experimenting, but we weren’t prepared when this handmade jewelry line dropped. Jewelry ranging from enamel pendants to 18-karat gold rings in bold colors and styles. The jewelry is a true embodiment of childhood obsessions with the intention of making it last a long time.

4. Of course, Blonde!

It’s been 6 years since the release of Frank Ocean’s album, Blonde, and it has aged like fine wine. Listening to the album for the first time will transport you into another dimension. Frank’s vocals and mixed elements of pop and indie will leave you in shock as they did to us when we heard it for the first time. It’s the album you didn’t think you needed to listen to; You’ll find yourself adding the album to your late-night car rides.

Which Frank Ocean moment left you in shock? Are you excited about what’s to come for Frank Ocean? Let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPop. You can also visit us on Instagram and Facebook for the latest in pop culture!


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