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The Santa Clauses Has An Elf Shortage, So Here Are 5 Singers We’d Like Tim Allen To Induct!

The Santa Clauses Has An Elf Shortage, So Here Are 5 Singers We’d Like Tim Allen To Induct!

Some of our fondest Christmas memories trace back to our childhood. Whether it’s leaving carrots out for the reindeer or diving underneath the covers to watch Tim Allen’s The Santa Clause, it felt so magical! The movie made its way into our homes – down the chimney, duh! – over 28 years ago, in 1994. Yet his portrayal of the mystical gift giver is still beloved by so many that it was only a natural thought for Disney to revive the film series for a television show called The Santa Clauses.

Scott must come out of retirement after The North Pole goes haywire, meaning a naughty replacement and disappearing elves! While we know that he has this under control, we thought we’d curate a list of our own five faves who could hypothetically momentarily swap iHeartRadio Jingle Ball’s stage for somewhere much chillier. Who would be Santa’s new elves? What would be their special, merry powers, making sure that the holiday goes to plan?

Taylor Swift

This songstress’ origins are practically a festive tale kept on Santa’s bookshelf alongside classics like The Polar Express. In fact, she was raised on a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania. Yes, Swifties, your blondie senses are correct! Taylor Swift was born in December, continuously making this month a wonderland for her fans through Swiftmas. Back in 2014, she wrapped presents for her fans, handing out the gifts in person! Concerning The Santa Clauses, she, obviously, would be the one on organizational duties, as with her ‘Mastermind’ for details, she’d make sure Scott’s sleigh leaves The North Pole on time.

5 Seconds Of Summer

Even elves can fall onto the ‘naughty’ side of Santa’s list, and who better than Ashton Irwin? Look at the photo below, he has the word displayed on a Santa hat plopped onto his head. The 5 Seconds Of Summer boys are down for a good time of jolly laughs: milk chases after finishing a plate full of cookies, and overflowing everyone’s stockings! They’re also an Australian band. Those who live down under experience their Christmases a bit differently from the rest of the world, considering the holiday is within their hotter months, opting for a BBQ compared to eggnog.

Image Source: 5 Second Of Summer’s Official Twitter

Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s not only the star on top of the tree but the whole tree itself resting on the corners of your living room! Being one for quirky costumes – we’re eying her iconic burger getup at the Met Gala – Katy dresses as a tinseled tree for ABC’s rendition of ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas.’ Adjacently, she also comes out of a candy cane cocktail in her own ‘Cozy Little Christmas.’ Therefore, she’ll be hanging out with Mrs. Clause, aka Carol, played by Elizabeth Mitchell. Together they’ll make sure the rest of the elves are looking snatched in their outfits!


While Mrs. Clause is kept busy, we need an elf to become besties with Santa. We’re rooting for you, Adele, to cover this duty! In 2019, she posed next to both the Grinch and Santa in respective black and white photos, looking effortlessly glammed up. She’s so right for this elf task that she even snuck her tongue out in her photo with Santa, having a joyful time with him. Plus, Tim Allen and Adele? Where’s the petition to make that scene happen? 

Image Source: Adele’s Official Instagram

Niall Horan

Finally, after all of the toys have appeared underneath the tree and the sleigh is parked in Santa’s garage, we need an elf who’s going to read a cheery bedtime story. Apparently, Niall Horan knew we were taking auditions. During a segment on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, he hilariously read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas in different accents! He not only changed his voice to fit the particular country but also added in slang, such as “G’day Mate,” for Australia. 

The Original Jingle Squad

Of course, that doesn’t leave David Krumholtz’s Bernard on The North Pole’s version of an elf social security. He’s back with the gang, having been there since the beginning! Want to see for yourself? Pause the trailer at exactly 1:58, and you won’t only feel the nostalgic rush of your childhood but also exactly how long it’s been since these adored characters were in our homes. The Santa Clauses has four episodes. The first two will premiere on November 16, entitled “Chapter One: Good To Ho” and “Chapter Two: The Secessus Clause.” “Chapter Three: Into the Wobbly Wood” will trickle out on November 23rd, and “Chapter Four: The Shoes Off the Bed Clause” on the 30th, all on Disney+! 

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Image Source: Disney

Did we miss a singer off this list that you’d like to be seen snuck into a scene as an elf? Let us know through our Twitter @thehoneypop! Don’t forget to become a fan girly mess as you celebrate our childhoods with the return of The Santa Clauses either.

As Christmas nears closer, make sure to keep an eye on our festive tag as we celebrate the season at Honey POP HQ, as well as our Instagram and Facebook! There may be some surprises you’d meet us under the mistletoe for. 


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