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Bands Frank Iero Has Been In Besides MCR

Bands Frank Iero Has Been In Besides MCR

Frank Iero is our rock god. No better way it can be said, his influence through My Chemical Romance will stay with fans for the rest of our lives. Though Frank is mainly known as the rhythm-guitarist of MCR he has also been in a variety of different bands throughout his career. So, get your skeleton gloves ready, and let us tell you about some of them!

1. Pencey Prep

Pencey Prep is a punk-rock band Frank sang for and played guitar in from 1999-2002. They were even signed to Eyeball Records. Unfortunately, Pencey Prep broke up in 2002 but they did manage to release an album titled Heartbreak In Stereo. Please enjoy this extremely low-quality video of Pencey Prep, pulled from the ancient tombs of rock gods.


LeATHERMØUTH is a hardcore punk band Frank was in while in MCR. Originally, Frank wasn’t a part of this band but, he took over after the lead singer before him didn’t write any lyrics. The band ended when multiple members decided not to be in the band anymore and instead follow religion. LeATHERMØUTH was active from 2007 to 2010 and again in 2013 to play New Jersey’s Skate and Surf Festival. They released their album XO in 2009.

3. Death Spells

Death Spells is a digital hardcore band Frank was in relatively recently, and by that we mean within the past 10 years. Frank was the vocalist of this band alongside James Dewees who he was in LeATHERMØUTH with. Death Spells was around from 2012-2013 and again in 2016 after releasing their album Nothing Above, Nothing Below.

4. Frank Iero & the Cellebration, the Patience, the Future Violents

From 2014-2019 Frank released three solo albums and for each album, he had different backing bands. The Cellebration, in 2014 for his album stomachaches. The Patience, in 2016 for Parachutes. The Future Violents, in 2019 for Barriers. Having a different backing band for every album is Frank’s way of making things less confusing since each album explores a different genre. Maybe it’s just us but Frank’s idea of confusing is confusing.

Album Covers via Vagrant and UNFD Records edited by Nayeli Cruz

Alongside all the bands Frank played in for long periods or until they ended, there are bands he was in for shorter periods and bands he was only ever rumored to have been in. We can’t imagine how long his resume would be! Although, he wouldn’t even need one so seems like we’ll never know.

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MCR is back together, but that won’t stop Frank from coming up with more bands to add to his never-ending list. In May of this year on an Instagram post, he talked about a full-length album he recorded with a new band. Whenever that gets announced we’ll be here, ready to pre-save and annoy our neighbors!

Every band Frank has been in gives off different energy and different sounds, which one do you like best? Is it one we talked about, a rumored band, or one he spent less time in? We want to hear your thoughts and maybe discover a new band we didn’t even know he was in. Let us know on Twitter, @thehoneypop, Facebook, or Instagram!


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