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DWLLRS Have Us Overthinking Everything In This Exclusive Interview

DWLLRS Have Us Overthinking Everything In This Exclusive Interview


If you’re ever looking for chill vibes for the soundtrack of your next existential crisis, then boy, oh boy, do we have a duo for you! With a name such as DWLLRS, their lyricism really does take you through the questions we all ask ourselves as we overthink. And their newest single, ‘Dividends,’ will have you doing just that.

The growth of this duo in just a few years has allowed them to sit comfortably in their sound and processes, and believe us when we say the confidence they emit is evident in their projects. Made up of Joey and Bren, the two bonded over the unwittingly approaching dread so many of us face and turned it into something beautiful. With inspirations from some of the greats, making the perfect music for us to wallow in our thoughts after overthinking,(be honest, you do it too), DWLLRS hits that sweet spot that makes us want to add them to every playlist possible. And after you read this exclusive interview, we bet you’ll be adding them to yours too!

So you two became close in college, how did you find out your vibes matched each other so well, and where did the name DWLLRS come from?
There was a bunch of late nights in our dorm room where we would stay up for hours talking. These nights would start with us talking about love, death, life, overthinking, and dwelling on things we couldn’t control, and end with us consistently making the regrettable decision to get raising canes at 2am. Bren’s dad actually came up with the name DWLLRS because of how we were always overthinking everything in our lives. DWLLRS is referring to dwelling or overthinking which we are both experts at.

Your Spotify bio mentions that [DWLLRS] “was born during a time in your lives that was heavily dependent upon sleepless nights of video games and Canes sauce.” So we have to ask, what’s your go-to Cane’s order, and if you’re still into video games, what are you playing right now?
We both have perfected our order: a Box Combo, replace coleslaw with extra piece of toast, butter on both sides of toast. Extra canes sauce. 

We both play call of duty warzone. Joey is still getting the hang of the game with Bren mentoring him the ways of being a warzone god (Bren averages 15 kills a game). 

You released your first track around the beginning of 2020. How did the pandemic affect your creative processes, and did it make anything more challenging?
Despite the pandemics challenges, we found a good rhythm making music with each other. We make music out of our bedrooms so being stuck at home actually had its advantages in our creative process. 

You have had a solid signature sound since your start, what do you think makes a DWLLRS songs, a DWLLRS song?
We pull a lot of inspiration from artists we love such as Frank Ocean and Current Joys so they deserve a lot of credit in our inspiration. Bren’s honesty in his poetry and lyricism create a raw dialogue that is very important in our music while Joey’s Production and melodies hone in on the soundscape and soul of our records. Our process is always messy and unfiltered which we value a lot in our music.

Although your vibe has stayed the same, how do you think you’ve grown as musicians since your first release?
We’ve grown a lot more confident in our process and our overthinking has become slightly less toxic. Bren is becoming a more skilled musician and producer to accompany his writing while Joey has sharpened his production, mixing, and songwriting skills. We feel like our new music feels more like us than ever before. 

Your music seems to put deep meanings over a nice, chill vibe. Where do you tend to gain inspiration, and can you take us through your process of creating your latest single, ‘Dividends?’
We gain inspiration from the great artists we look up to like Frank Ocean, Current Joys, Fog Lake, and Brakence. Bren had the original idea for the song and beginning guitar line which Joey added onto and started adding more guitar and piano which set the foundation for the rest of the track. This song came together pretty quickly for us and it was one of our most seamless and eclectic collaborations. 

The verses of ‘Dividends’ focus a lot on the line “can’t hold myself together forever and ever, it’s true…but i will hold you,” showing how deeply you care about the other person in this track. Can you share the story behind this song?
This song is a reflection of past relationships and people who might no longer be in your life. The trials and hardships we face in life may break us down but they provide important context for who we are and how we grow as people. Although we might not have our lives together at certain points, we are all learning and growing and are still deserving of love. 

The world seems like a pretty melancholy place recently, so your lyric “I don’t wanna grow up if I’m only growing sad” really sat with us. When you feel the feelings you describe in ‘Dividends,’ how do you get yourself out of a rut?
It’s hard. We try to spend times with friends and family and remind ourselves of what’s really important in life. We always try to channel our negative or pessimistic emotions into something that is constructive and beautiful to us. Easier said than done though. 

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What do you hope your fans take away from your music?
Music has impacted us in such profound ways and has always been our escape in hard times. Our hope is that other people can break out of the cycles of overthinking through our music and leave feeling less lonely. We hope that our music can help people feel the things that they didn’t know were there, like our favorite music and artists do for us. 

Do you have any upcoming projects in the next few months that you can give a little info about?
We are always working on new music and are very excited about some of these new records. DWLLRS debut album coming soon. We are going on our first tour ever which we are really excited about as well. Thanks for the support. 

We at THP HQ definitely feel less lonely knowing others are asking those same dreaded questions we are. So we’d say DWLLRS successfully checked that off their list! Are you feeling the vibe DWLLRS is putting out? Let us know what you think in the comments below or tweet us over on Twitter! We’re also on Facebook and Instagram!

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