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4 Things We Learned From Tate McRae’s Audacy Interview At We Can Survive

4 Things We Learned From Tate McRae’s Audacy Interview At We Can Survive

If you’re a big fan of live music, you probably know that We Can Survive is one of the most special shows out there. It brings together some of the biggest stars for one night of amazing performances, and it’s all for a good cause – this year’s show raised awareness for the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention, as well as Audacy’s I’m Listening initiative for mental health and creating safe spaces to discuss it.

Backstage at We Can Survive, Bru of Audacy got to talk to one of our favorite artists, the incredible Tate McRae! Their conversation was so introspective, and it’s definitely one of our favorite Tate interviews we’ve watched so far. ICYMI, we’ll recap some of our favorite moments for you!

Her Reaction To ‘you broke me first’ Hitting A Billion Streams

One of Tate’s earliest hits is the heartwrenching ‘you broke me first,’ and the track has reached a billion streams on Spotify to go along with the billion tears it’s caused us! We’re so proud of Tate and it seems like she was just as excited as we were when she joined the Billions Club.

[Does it make sense?] Not at all! I mean, I feel like that’s just such a milestone for an artist. Just, like, a billion streams… It just feels crazy and it just feels more special to me because that song is just… When. youwrite it and you feel like it’s all your own, it just makes me feel that much more proud.

Tate McRae at Audacy’s We Can Survive

Her Advice For Those Who Relate To ‘uh oh’

If you haven’t been listening to Tate’s latest single, ‘uh oh,’ on a loop, you’re doing it wrong. It’s an absolute banger about being drawn back to your ex after a breakup, and with just a single listen, we guarantee it’ll shoot up to the top of your Tate song ranking! But you should probably avoid letting the song’s storyline play out in your own life…and if you don’t wanna take it from us, take it from Tate herself.

You probably shouldn’t. Everything I say in the song, don’t do. Yeah, don’t go back to your ex. I don’t think that’s a good idea.

Tate McRae at Audacy’s We Can Survive

How She Gets Ready For A Show

Anyone who’s been blessed enough to go to a Tate concert knows she gives her all every time she’s on stage, delivering gorgeous vocals and amazing choreography to match each song’s energy! If we had to do even half of what she does in her performances, we’d be absolutely winded. And it turns out that she has a clever way to prepare for a show! New life goal: hang out on a trampoline with Tate McRae.

Sometimes I’ll jump on trampolines and sing, because dancing and music… Like, how much you move your body is totally contradicting to singing. So you have to really rehearse and really get it down, otherwise you can feel like you’re having an asthma attack up there.

Tate McRae at Audacy’s We Can Survive

Her Reaction To Fan TikToks

If you follow Tate on socials, you already know how interactive she is with her fans! She’s never missed an opportunity to show her appreciation for us, and we adore her big heart so much. One of the main ways she does that is by duetting fan TikToks to her songs and she enjoys it just as much as we do! Can we officially call her our bestie yet?

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It’s so cool. I mean, you never really know what’s gonna happen with TikTok, it’s just a strange app. You just don’t know what you’re gonna see. But obviously, it’s cool, just because as an artist, it’s just inspiring to see people… how they interpret it, in any sense. Like doing covers or switching it around and doing dances to it, it’s cool to watch.

Tate McRae at Audacy’s We Can Survive


#duet with @loz I’m not looking

♬ I lied – Tate McRae

If there was ever a time we could be a fly on the wall for a conversation, we wish it could’ve been this one. Check out Tate’s full Audacy interview below and let us know what your favorite parts were! Let’s chat in the comments or on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more Tate McRae content, click here.


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