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Who Is OWENN And Why Did You Need To Know, Like, Yesterday?

Who Is OWENN And Why Did You Need To Know, Like, Yesterday?

We’ve been trying to keep our calm since only hours ago, Taylor Swift announced her stadium tour. In preparation for that tour, we’ve been streaming Midnights and just about every other album that mastermind has released! But we’ve also been keeping an eye on Taylor’s openers, and OWENN is not one that you want to skip over!

If he looks familiar, you might be a Swiftie! Taylor is taking former backup dancer turned ‘Lover’ music video co-star on the road for her Eras Tour. She was also able to help him get signed to his first music label!

We’ve got no doubts that OWENN is on the rise, and here’s everything that you need to know about him.

Only a year ago, he was posting his debut single on YouTube, and in due time he will be touring once more with Taylor – only this time as an opening act. ‘Baby Girl’ is his lead single, one that reads like a love note to listeners. He told R&B Rated that “‘Baby Girl’ is an ode to all the women in the world […] Being raised by a single mom, ‘Baby Girl’ really spoke to me.”

He is more than just a singer; he’s also a dancer and choreographer! He has worked with plenty of artists, such as Lil Nas X (Long Live Montero Tour), Miley Cyrus (Bangerz Tour), Rihanna (Loud World Tour), Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and others.


Born in New York, OWENN was brought up by parents who were passionately steeped in music and the arts. Bouncing back and forth between Harlem and the Bronx before his mother moved him to Atlanta, Georgia. It was there where OWENN would be scouted by a dance teacher before catching the eye of a legendary choreographer who would aid in his move to Los Angeles, California, at age seventeen.

He draws inspiration from legendary acts like Prince, Marvin Gaye, David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, Usher, and the Smiths. It was on Rihanna’s tour that OWENN would meet producer Bettencourt and decide that he wanted to shift gears and turn his attention toward recording. “I can listen to a song, think about the best memories, and come back to where I was when I first heard it. […] I want to be the soundtrack to your first dance at prom or when you’re getting ready to go to the club. I want my music to transcend all those different emotions and generate inspiration. That would be the best thing possible.”

OWENN is everything I fear and don’t want to be, and OWENN is also everything I want to be all wrapped into one. OWENN is the guy who you can’t live with, but you can’t live without him either.

OWENN for New Music Space

It was only four months ago that OWENN put out his second single, ‘Rest of My Life,’ and we’re kicking ourselves for only having heard it now. I mean, he is easily one of the most talented hidden gems we’ve found. We are eagerly awaiting his next song, maybe an EP, and to get the chance to see him on tour with Taylor!

And if, for whatever reason, you weren’t already entirely sold on OWENN, check out his cover of ‘Willow’ by Taylor Swift. Here’s hoping that these two will give us the collab we didn’t know we needed until now! Or at least that he’ll grace us with this cover on tour.

You can catch OWENN if you’re headed to any of these dates on the Eras Stadium Tour.

06/02 – Chicago, IL

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Are you as stoked as we are? Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP or in the comments down below. Need more music content? We’ve got just the thing for you.


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