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Your Guide To Staging A Katy Perry: Play Themed Photo Shoot

Your Guide To Staging A Katy Perry: Play Themed Photo Shoot

If you haven’t been ‘Waking Up In Vegas’ – we had to. It was right there! – then, you may be unaware of a certain residency that Katy Perry has been hosting since December 29th, 2021. Hidden away in the Resorts World Theatre, only the wackiest come out to Play. The show provides a colorful explosion of the insides of Katy’s mind as she metaphorically shrinks herself to be smaller than most household objects to celebrate her career’s hits. And if you were one of the rare few who were mystified by another city, then never fear! Katy Perry: Play just dropped a further 14 dates in the new year. So who’s going to be helping us cause some Vegas mischief?

Image Source: @katyperrygifs on Tumblr

In case the full Katy Perry experience isn’t enough, we’ve decided to entice you by helping you plan a photo shoot based on the residency! From the storybook settings that find you in the middle of the woods to the costumes your friends wish you could provide a tag to so they can put the clothing piece into their own cart, all of your fellow KatyCats are going to think you’re the bell of Instagram!  

The Concept

As with all great tours and residencies alike, there’s usually a concept that helps separate this particular show from what’s come before. Katy’s is all to do with the word ‘Play.’ She finds herself as the doll of a bratty child. He tosses her around and puts her in the worst situations. Eventually, he flings her out of the window, which causes a much-celebrated act curating trash fashion! In the end, she’s collected from the ground by a character resembling her daughter Daisy – Phew! We were about to go save her ourselves. Daisy-look-a-like then places Katy in a toy trunk where the rest of the stage characters welcome her in. See, Katy and her team’s minds are so brilliant that it only makes sense that we channel them into a photo shoot!

Stage Design

If Katy was best friends with Willy Wonka, the Play stage is presumably the stage floor plan she would’ve mapped out after he gave her a tour of his factory. It’s a display of pure fun! There are crayon soldiers, giant walkie-talkies (that we’d love to borrow for our international team at THP HQ to talk to each other), and even a purple snail. It’s all of the things you’d suspect would come to life as a child dozes off to sleep. Real Toy Story vibes.

Image Source: John Shearer/Getty Images for Katy Perry via PR

Just as the stage is important to draw an audience member into this spectacular world, so is the backdrop of your photo shoot! Think of the ambiance where you’d creep out into a mushroom field to host a play zone for one or pay homage to Act 2 with a bathroom DIY. You could maybe rope in a friend so they can dress up as a lingerie Kermit. The ideas are endless. We also want to continue Katy’s candy theme, which she’s experimented with over the years.

147pcs Party Decorative Balloon Garland



2pcs Pom Pom Decor Balloon



Rotary Hero Giant Food Stool

Urban Outfitters


Mushroom Print Tapestry



A Quick Wardrobe Change

Of course, every stylish doll needs its larger-than-life wardrobe, and Katy’s team brilliantly brushes out the strokes of the Katy Perry: Play realm through their often functional costumes! They’re also a great addition to your photo shoot, being the eye-stopper to showcase your inspired take on Katy’s extravaganza.

I know the principal priority of being a female pop star! One of those priorities is to serve multiple looks. When you go see a show like this, you want to see those changes. I was mindful that for the Super Bowl, people want to see the different outfits. It’s a magic trick when you can change so quickly as well. I’m changing in a minute and a half behind the stage. It’s just fun.

Katy Perry

Look #1

Australian designer Heather Picchiottino put together this bubble look, giving effortless 50’s glam. It appears in the second act alongside a toilet with a singing turd in it and a bath fit for a growing mermaid in the background. While it isn’t a dress, it is, in fact, a jacket on top of a dress that you can read more about in this article, where we go into further detail about Katy’s costumes!

Image Source: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Katy Perry via PR

Bubble Headband



Solid Wrap Blazer Dress



Mini Bubble ball beads /Mixed beads Molds / iridescent tiny beads/ resin fillers resin charm embellishment

DavidMoldSupply via Etsy


Two Tone Zipper Side Point Toe Chunky Heeled Classic Boots



See Also

Look #2

Filipino-American artist Zaldy Goco is as much RuPaul’s favorite designer as he is ours, and he contributed multiple stylish looks to the residency, including this mushroom spectacle! Catch the red vinyl jumpsuit that flows into a fringe, serving a spicy rejuvenation to the fungi with a matching mushroom headpiece.

Image Source: John Shearer/Getty Images for Katy Perry

Lace Up Front Backless Patent Teddy Bodysuit



Belt with fringes / fringed skirt/women’s sequins belt with long fringes in black in red

SalsaStyles via Etsy


Zip Back Stiletto Heeled Classic Boots



Mushroom Decor Woolen Beret



Starting from February 15 to April 15, 2023, hopefully, there’s one show out of these 14 that you’d be able to attend when in Las Vegas! For American Express card users, you’re in luck. Your presale begins on Tuesday, November 1st at 10 a.m. PT, with general on sale Friday, November 4th at 10 a.m. PT. Keep an eye on Katy’s page via Resorts World Las Vegas and our tag for the songstress!  

As you’re off to take some Katy Perry: Play-themed photos for the gram, we’d love to see the final shot once it’s posted! Tag us on Twitter @thehoneypop


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