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This Year’s 7 NCT DREAM Moments To Watch While We Wait For NCT DREAM THE MOVIE

This Year’s 7 NCT DREAM Moments To Watch While We Wait For NCT DREAM THE MOVIE

Without a doubt, 2022 has been a monumental year for NCT Dream, and we are here to witness it! Following the success of their Hot Sauce and Hello Future comebacks last year, our beloved 7Dream took things to the next level with Glitch Mode and Beatbox and went down in history again. But, most importantly, they have given us many iconic moments this year too, as they always do. And we’re sure you’ll agree when we say we can’t get enough of seeing our seven Dreamies all together, enjoying their lives and careers together as a beautiful team.

Since their debut at a young age in 2016, we have witnessed NCT Dream’s great success and growth as seven talented artists, both personally and physically. They have a special place in our hearts, and every time we see them, especially when they achieve great things, we can’t help but smile with teary eyes, proud of how far they’ve come.

The takeover of the Seoul Olympic Stadium was probably the most important event for our 7Dream this year. We were all upset when their sold-out three-night concert at Gocheok Sky Dome was canceled due to Mark and Renjun having Covid, because it was going to be the first seven-membered concert, and we knew it would be iconic to see them on stage as 7Dream in such a huge venue. But, of course, the health of our members came first, so we simply waited for the rescheduled dates. And when we got them, we found out that NCT Dream would be performing for two nights at Seoul Olympic Stadium, South Korea’s largest venue, becoming only the seventh group to do so. And we’re not sure if we need to say it, but they slayed and made us cry because it was clearly one of NCT Dream’s best moments in 2022. We can’t describe how we felt seeing seven of them on a massive stage, surrounded by thousands of Czennies singing along to their songs.

Of course, such a significant event had to be documented and archived as media content. We’re getting a film of 7Dream’s first concert at Seoul Olympic Stadium, NCT DREAM THE MOVIE: IN A DREAM, which will be released in theaters around the world on November 30 and December 3. This means we’ll get to see this incredible concert again on the big screen. We’ll also see how our Dreamies prepared for this massive event in their careers, as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews in which they tell us how they felt. We’re sure there will be tears, and to be honest, we can’t wait to cry our eyes out as we watch our Dreamies achieve such great success. But the problem is that we can’t wait to see it, and if you’re one of us, we have a solution. We’ll keep watching this year’s iconic moments that we’ll never forget until we see the NCT Dream Movie. So join us as we relive some hilarious NCT Dream moments.

7llin’ In Our Youth

Our Dreamies gathered in a getaway house and spent quality time once again, just like they did last year before the Hot Sauce comeback, and it was EVERYTHING. Unquestionably, seeing all seven of them spending time with each other in their most natural form and enjoying it so much, warms our hearts. Every episode of this series felt like a gift from Dream. One of the things we adore about NCT Dream is the way they express their individual personalities and their family-like friendship.

Our personal favorite moments from 7llin’ In Our Youth: Mark, Renjun, and Haechan playing games and deciding the loser would kiss the others on the cheek, Chenle and Jisung going grocery shopping together as maknaes, Jeno and Jaemin sitting in the tent eating, talking, and playing guitar, Guess The Character game and Haechan’s struggle with Pikachu, Dreamies playing foot volleyball and being very loud (as always).

Glitch Love Simulation

We enjoy the NCT role-playing content, but nobody beats NCT Dream in this category, and Glitch Love Simulation, a series in which they test the game’s beta version, was proof once again. Each member in this series played an important role. Mark was the bossy and strict team leader; Renjun was the employee who always overworked himself but secretly despised the company; Jeno was the new, polite employee who was very confused; Haechan was the relaxed and friendly employee who was literally friends with everyone; Jaemin was “the boss’s child,” and obviously he was very privileged and knew how to use them; Chenle was the stubborn rebellious employee, and lastly, Jisung was the new, clumsy employee who made it clear that this was their first job.

Our personal favorite moments from Glitch Love Simulation: Chenle saying he can’t speak Korean all of a sudden when Mark asks him why he is so late and Mark losing it in tiny, Haechan saying he is from Americano, America, Jaemin being extra and making us laugh as always.

Let’s Play Glitch Mode

Let’s Play Glitch Mode is a live stream that NCT Dream did following the return of Glitch Mode in which they talked about the return and the process of it as well as played some fun games together. We know it’s always fun when these precious boys get together, and we’re sure they made everyone’s day better with this live stream. Their energy is flawless, which is one of the many qualities we admire in them. So, if you miss 7Dream and are waiting for NCT DREAM THE MOVIE: IN A DREAM, we highly recommend watching this live stream or rewatching it if you have already done so.

Our personal favorite moments from Let’s Play Glitch Mode: Jaemin risking his “idol image,” and Dreamies trying to protect it, anime girl/archer Haechanie, Chenle getting ticklish while members are trying to guess the choreography by touching him.

Dream Squad

Dream Squad is yet another YouTube video from NCT Dream, but this time it was their Beatbox comeback. This time, seven members acted as seven Dream University college students auditioning for a music club. Laughter fills the room from the beginning of the video. We swear these guys were born to be comedians, and we’ll die on this hill. They’re all so cute, and they get along so well with one another. So, as usual, watching Dream Squad hurts our faces from laughing, but it’s totally worth it.

Our personal favorite moments from Dream Squad: Haechan’s “MY NAME IS PETER!” and his “acting skills,” “LA CUCARACHA,” them playing the Guess The Dance game by posing the same part of the choreography and figuring out that Jisung has been dancing wrong to ‘Hot Sauce’ the whole time.

Season B Season NCT Dream & Rain

NCT Dream appeared on Rain’s Season B Season show, and it was one of the funniest things we’ve ever seen. NCT Dream almost drove Rain insane, demonstrating the generation gap. Rain tells the viewers in the video that Renjun and Haechan reminded him of his trainee days when they came across a restaurant, so he paid for their food, which is the cutest information ever. Then everyone plays the Mafia Game, which is far too chaotic. Definitely worth watching!

Our personal favorite moments from Season B Season: NCT Dream introducing themselves (yes, you’ll see), them “teleporting,” Jaemin saying that he is the mafia but then getting heartbroken when Jeno says he thinks Jaemin is the mafia.


NCT Dream also appeared on Halmyumsoo‘s 81st episode to promote their upcoming comebacks, proving once again that they are natural comedians. Don’t Laugh Sauna is the game they play in Halmyungsoo, which is ironic when it comes to NCT Dream. Nobody is allowed to laugh; if they do, they must stick their head into a bowl because the staff sprays them with water every time they laugh. But, of course, we knew from the start that the game would be a total disaster because our boys are chaotic as hell.

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Our personal favorite moments from Halmyungsoo: Human piano Renjun and his pretty forehead, Jaemin’s beautiful voice, and the whole Liar Game.

Bellygom TV

Now is the time for NCT Dream to reveal their inner children (as if they don’t all the time). This is possibly the cutest NCT Dream content we’ve ever seen. In the episode, Dreamies play the infamous Red Light, Green Light game from Squid Game, and if you move when the music stops, you must continue playing while dressed in a funny costume. This episode reminds us that even though our Dreamies are now adults, they will always be our little babies.

Our personal favorite moments from Bellygom TV: Jisung “judging” Bellygom and Bellygom scaring him very badly, Dreamies sprinting towards Mark to hide him, and him saying “CUTE” as they do that, Chenle just walking and not dancing when the music plays as our unbothered king. 

nct dream movie
Image Source: Tumblr

We have a feeling that NCT Dream will keep making us proud with their hard work and talents in the future, too. Because that’s what they have been doing since ‘Chewing Gum.’ So we can safely say that as Czennies in THP HQ, we are so excited to see NCT DREAM THE MOVIE: IN A DREAM, and you should be, too! Oh, don’t forget to bring a tissue with you to the theatre. You know the deal, we will sob a lot. But before we skip to that part, don’t forget to check NCT DREAM THE MOVIE website to get more information.

What are you most excited about the NCT Dream movie? 

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