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Mark Tuan Triumphant: An IGOT7’s Review of The Other Side Tour

Mark Tuan Triumphant: An IGOT7’s Review of The Other Side Tour

Every fan’s dream is to one day experience their favorite songs live. For us, we grabbed our chance to live out this dream when Mark Tuan announced The Other Side Tour! Heads empty, only thoughts of belting out our favorite lyrics while he sang from the stage, we snagged our tickets and waited for the day to arrive. 

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Mark Tuan Day

As we passed by the House of Blues Chicago around noon, a substantial line of dedicated IGOT7s had already formed. The outfits were on point, and their excitement was clear to see, even if they still had seven hours more to wait for their first glimpse of the man of the hour. But before we knew it, it was time to start lining up ourselves. 

Once the doors opened and security checked us in, everyone filed into the main hall. As the clock ticked closer to the show start time, Ahgases assessed the venue and decided where the perfect view would be before taking their places. While taking in the beautiful venue, an Ahgase approached us and asked if they could stand by us, etiquette unusual for a GA event but incredibly sweet nonetheless.

We stood together and chatted amiably while we waited for the screen to be pulled up and the first song to begin. As the venue became more packed, our new friend decided to seek a better view and apologized before heading into the sea of excited fans. Seriously, IGOT7 is such a kind fandom. A different fan that we ended up standing beside during the concert gave us their signed Mark Tuan poster! Ahgase is built different; what else can we say? 

Hey, Wes

Soon, the screen lifted, and the night was off to an energetic start. To open the evening, we were treated to a short set from Wes, whose music we quickly pulled up on Spotify to make sure we listened to it after the show too. We love catchy beats here at THP, and Wes served them up! His charisma and comfortability on stage added an extra charm to his set and prepared the crowd for an exciting evening to come.

Mark Makes His Entrance 

While the stage was reset, fans eagerly chatted with one another about Mark and the other members of GOT7, discussing who biases which member, which songs were their favorites, etc. Then, the lights dimmed, and the one and only Mark Tuan took the stage, gently singing the melancholy lyrics to “save me.” 

If there’s one thing we can say about Mark Tuan, it’s that he is a natural performer. He took control of the stage, interacting with fans and letting his full emotions out while serenading the venue. It was a show only a seasoned, god-tier professional could put on, and Mark made it seem like a cakewalk. We need to bring up the fact that he did a backflip on stage, and, no, our lives will never be the same after witnessing it.

Mark & IGOT7

During one moment, he paused and asked the venue audio team if he could start the next song, to which they replied not yet. He smiled brightly, thanked them for their work, and informed fans that since he wasn’t able to sing, he would sign whatever they sent up toward the stage. Fans screamed and scrambled to send up signs, albums, shirts, and more. 

Can we make it any more clear how professional he is? He worked patiently with the venue staff and gratefully acknowledged their work at the end of the show as well. All while ensuring fans had the best possible time at the show. We have said this before, but we think it’s important to say it again. With live music, anything can happen, and it was wonderful to witness the teamwork between the stage and the sound booth.

As the show started up once more, Mark brought two incredible dancers on stage who joined in unique and eye-catching choreography for a few songs. He noted that his album was “sad” and that he thought about how to make the concert energetic and fun despite the more mellow lyrics. First of all, we would enjoy any and all kinds of shows he puts on. Secondly, the amount of energy everyone on stage had, from Wes to the dancers to the cameraman to Mark himself, was truly captivating.

We couldn’t help tearing up as he sang ‘only human.’ He intro-ed the song briefly, saying, “…we get put on a pedestal, but that’s only for that moment.” He reminded fans that he’s just like them; he’s only human. With a caring tone, he told the gathered crowd: “The seven of us have your guys’ back, you know that.” How could you not expect us to tear up after listening to that song after that kind of intro? 

With each song, we could feel the evening coming to a close. As much as we wished we could party with Mark Tuan for hours more, the show inched toward its end. Mark brought Wes back on stage for a pumped -rendition of ‘2 faces’, which got the crowd even more hyped. But nothing can compare to ‘my name,’ during which Mark sprayed water into the crowd to welcoming and delighted screams from his fans. 

 Mark closed the unforgettable show by bowing to each side of the venue, taking his time to smile and look at the fans in each section. It was clear that he was cherishing the evening just as much as IGOT7 was. Cheers continued as he made his way across the stage for the final time of the night. Though his time with fans was ending, the adrenaline of having experienced such an astounding show was still high.

On his first solo tour, Mark Tuan reigns as a triumphant king of the stage. We’re just going to say it, The Other Side Tour has become one of our favorite concerts of all time. Mark Tuan is a true showman. We were expecting an exciting and fun show, and we received that and more! It was some of the most fun we’ve had at a concert. We laughed, we cried, and we stood among the crowd counting ourselves lucky to be a fan of such an incredible, thoughtful, and talented artist.

We don’t think we’ll ever be over The Other Side Tour. From the first moments on stage to the final bow, Mark prepared a fantastic show to share with his fans. Now we’ll be listening to the setlist for the rest of the month. 💚

IGOT7, which songs are you most excited to hear live? Drop a comment below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop, or comment on our Instagram and Facebook.

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