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‘Aaron’s Party’ Will Never End: Remembering Aaron Carter

‘Aaron’s Party’ Will Never End: Remembering Aaron Carter

We’re sure you’ve heard the classic line, “Aaron Carter was Justin Bieber before there was Justin Bieber”…well, they’re correct. From the late ’90s through the early 2000s Aaron had teen girls swooning all over the world. From his charisma, to his style, to his distinctive voice, he truly opened the door for several other teen pop idols including Jesse McCartney, Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson, Austin Mahone, and more! He’ll leave behind an incredible legacy and will be missed by millions. In honor of Aaron, let’s take a look through some of his iconic career!

Aaron’s Appearance On Lizzie McGuire

If you were an Aaron fan girl you definitely remember this episode! You were camped out in front of the television waiting for him to come on screen and screaming ridiculously loud when you finally saw him. Then you probably cried because he kissed Hilary Duff and danced away the tears as he performed ‘I Want Candy.’ It was truly the TV event of 2001!

His One-On-One With Shaquille O’Neal

A timeless classic, ‘How I Beat Shaq,’ was the goofy and off-the-wall tale of Aaron’s legendary defeat of Shaquille O’Neal. With an appearance from the basketball player himself, this song quickly became a staple in Aaron’s discography. We’re sure if you ask any Aaron fan how they beat Shaq they’d tell you, “I put it in the hoop like slam. I heard the crowd screaming now jam!” In 2013 the two even reunited for a viral rematch that you can watch here.

The Time He Promised Everyone Tickets To BSB

Aaron’s brother Nick Carter (of Backstreet Boys) frequently featured on his tracks throughout his early career. One of the most memorable was ‘Oh Aaron,’ the lead single from his third album, featuring No Secrets. He was notorious for using his unique spin on rap to craft crazy stories of his wild antics and in ‘Oh Aaron’ he found himself in trouble for promising everyone tickets to a Backstreet Boys show. When he’s unable to pay for 3,003 and his brother can’t bail him out (he can only get him maybe a dozen), he’s forced to be the opening act. In real life, Aaron got his start by opening for the band while they toured parts of Europe.

When He Threw The Best Party Ever!

And of course, we can’t forget ‘Aaron’s Party (Come Get It).’ The single that skyrocketed him to child stardom was played on repeat in all of our Discmans. We learned the dance, we learned the rap, and we felt his pain when he got grounded. But at least he threw the party of the century!

We could go on for days about all of Aaron’s successes and projects. He doubled as an actor appearing on 7th Heaven and his movie Popstar (which deserves a whole thesis!). Aaron also appeared on Broadway as Jojo the Who in Seussical the Musical and finished fifth on Dancing with the Stars in 2009. From a young age, Aaron lit up the stage with his smile, sass, and sparkling personality. He was a one-of-a-kind talent and has left his mark on pop culture for a lifetime.

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Aaron, we love you. You will always hold a place in our hearts. Here’s to you, AC. We’re going to miss you forever!

‘I’m Gonna Miss You Forever’ – Aaron Carter

Let’s remember him right! What is your favorite Aaron Carter song? Tell us in the comments or find us on @thehoneypop. Have a favorite AC moment? We’d love to hear about it on Facebook or Instagram.

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