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The 8 Times The8 Ate Up A Look

The 8 Times The8 Ate Up A Look

Seventeen’s The8, also known as Minghao or Myungho, is a man of many skills – as a singer, a dancer, an artist, and a trained martial artist, he has it all. While he shines musically and is impressively skilled at nunchucks, he always looks stylish while doing it. The8 has an eye-catching fashion sense that makes you rethink your entire closet. Trust us, we’ve been there. Here are 8 of our favorite The8 looks!

‘Hot’ Music Video

The8 HOT Music Video Outfit
Image Source: The8 Via Instagram

What do you get when you combine cherry red hair, piercing blue eyes, and a see-through shirt? An iconic look! The8 and his revealing outfit were popular on Twitter because of how different he looked compared to earlier eras. ‘Hot’ marked a newly alluring, mature era for Seventeen, and this outfit was just the start!

Be The Sun Performance Unit Stage

Be The Sun World Tour Unit Stage Outfit
Image Source: The8 Via Instagram

This heavenly ensemble comes from Seventeen’s 2022 Be The Sun World Tour. Each unit delivered their personality through their special stages. Each performance team member had a white outfit matching their style, and The8’s was pure heaven. The blue hair, flowy white sheer lace jacket, and complementary lace tank top left us speechless. 

The Collaboration ‘Clap’ Performance

The8 red outfit for the collaboration
Image Source: The8 Via Weibo

This one is a look that will get pushed deeper and deeper down the iceberg until someone brings it back to light. That’s why we’re here! The8 performed the Chinese version of the Seventeen song, ‘Clap,’ on a Chinese dance show called The Collaboration. The8 showed out in a simple yet stunning red matching set. His mullet, plus the subtle side bang, is the cherry on top.

Attacca Concept Photo

The8 Attacca concept photo
Image Source: Pledis_17 Via Twitter

A corset. The man is wearing a corset! Many male K-Pop idols have pushed gender roles by wearing corsets and slaying them, and The8 is adding to the list with this elegant piece. It’s not too much of a flashy outfit, and the corset ties this look together accordingly. 

The Ellen Show Performance

The8 leather Ellen show outfit
Image Source: Pledis_17 Via Twitter

When Seventeen debuted on The Ellen Show, they stunned the viewers with their song ‘HIT.’ Seventeen wowed the audience and tore the stage down, all wrapped in leather. The8’s outfit caught our eye in particular – it’s an outfit that screams “The8!” His sheer undershirt gives us a peak of some skin while looking classy with a leather belt that hugs his waist perfectly. His pushed-back black hair pulls this sleek outfit together.

Allure October 2022

The8 Allure April 2022 issue
Image Source: The8 Via Instagram

The8 featured in Allure Korea’s April 2022 issue, and lthough this outfit may not seem like much, the way he wears clothes can turn anything into art. If you look closely, it’s a scarf on top of a sweater, with a mask and a tank top underneath. If we wore that, we wouldn’t pull it off as well as The8 did! This outfit is a prime example of how he doesn’t let the clothes wear him. This casual outfit turned into high fashion once he put it on.

Arena November 2022

The8 Arena November 2022 issue
Image Source: The8 Via Instagram

Once again, The8 graces a magazine and blesses our eyes. What we love about this is the one high heel he is sporting. This look is very out of the box, but he’s no stranger to wearing creative pieces and pushing the boundaries of fashion. So, naturally, he rocked it!

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The8 frog outfit
Image Source: The8 Via Instagram

Last but certainly not least, we introduce to you, FrogHao. Frog plus Minghao gives you FrogHao. Absolutely genius! The8 is known for his love for (fictional) frogs like Kermit, so fans associate him with any cute frog drawing, plushy, or picture they can find. The colors not only complement each other well, but they also complement him just as well. This outfit is extremely on-brand for him. We support the FrogHao agenda any day!

What are your favorite The8 looks?  Did we miss any looks? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram!


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