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7 Iconic Performances By TWICE’s Momo That Have Blown Our Minds!

7 Iconic Performances By TWICE’s Momo That Have Blown Our Minds!

Momo always gives 200% on every performance, no matter what song or genre she’s dancing to! She always leaves us speechless, and her skills have only gotten better with every single comeback and tour. We love her flow and her incredible stage presence! Here’s a list of seven iconic performances you must rewatch as often as possible!

Her Great Performance Project

This amazing dance cover makes the top of our list (we have watched it more times than we can count!). Momo absolutely kills the choreography for the two songs included in this project. She looks stunning too, making this video cohesive and incredibly pleasing to the eye. A complete 10/10 in our books!

Her ‘Fancy’ Moves!

There are so many iconic Momo fancams out there! It’s so hard to pick a few for this list, but her insane stage presence during the ‘Fancy’ comeback has earned a spot on here. This iconic TWICE song comes alive on stage, and her moves are just so good! Our jaw is on the floor!

You Can’t Stop Momo!

Momo was unstoppable during the Eyes Wide Open comeback, and this performance of ‘I CAN’T STOP ME‘ is one of the most loved stages among ONCEs! She truly embodies this choreography, and we always come back to this video to rewatch her amazing moves! Plus, this outfit is one of the best looks she has ever worn!

‘Alcohol-Free,’ A Moment In Momo-story

Momo was having the time of her life during the Taste of Love comeback! All of the ‘Alcohol-Free‘ stages were beyond incredible, but this M Countdown performance is the one that we keep coming back to watch her iconic hair flip and unique charisma. She truly takes our breath away!

Her ‘Dangerous Love’ Performance With Mina

We have also decided to add our favorite dance covers that Momo has done with other TWICE members, starting with the ‘Dangerous Love’ performance! It’s a perfect example of Momo‘s versatility as a dancer, making it one of the most iconic stages she has ever done. She’s joined by Mina to perform an amazing contemporary ballet choreography. It still makes us get up and applaud every single time we watch it! Their stage presence is remarkable in this performance, as they showcase how possessive love can be dangerous. It’s a must-watch!

Her ‘bloodline’ Cover With Chaeyoung And Tzuyu

This cover is such a blessing, and we feel truly grateful for seeing our favorite K-Pop queens dancing to such an iconic song! The three members are phenomenal while dancing this short but complex choreography, and their synchronization is on another level. We’re living for this TWICE x Ariana Grande crossover!

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Her ‘MOVE’ Cover With Chaeyoung, Dahyun And Mina

This cover is a staple on every ONCEs initiation, and it’s the one you will show to your friends that want to get into TWICE! ‘MOVE‘ is such a classic and iconic K-Pop song, and the members’ flow on this stage is incredible, making it one of the most iconic TWICE live performances ever. This cover will make you stan Momo and TWICE‘s stage presence!

Have we missed any of your favorite moments in Momo-story? Let us know in the comments below, or tell us on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! And for more coverage on our favorite K-Pop idols, click here!


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