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4 Things To Do Before SHINee Minho’s Solo Drops

4 Things To Do Before SHINee Minho’s Solo Drops

Yo, Shawols, let’s get this bread! We finally got the news we Flamers have all been waiting for – no, it’s not Taemin‘s discharge date, sadly, but something else just as amazing! Our flaming charisma Choi Minho is finally getting his official solo debut with a whole album! This is not a drill! Get your Shating Stars ready, because things are about to get real.

After giving us some solo singles and Japanese releases, we will be able to enjoy a full album just filled with Minho’s voice and music that will sound like him! Here’s to hoping his album is going to continue the SHINee naming trend and will have a single word as its title, because that will mean we came full circle with 5HINee solo albums, which is amazing.

Before the masterpiece by Minho drops in December, here are four things you can do to be ready for this anticipated solo debut!

Rewatch ‘Heartbreak’ And ‘I’m Home’

Before we dissect and enjoy Minho’s new music, it is time to appreciate the old! Minho has already given us two beautiful solo singles before, with ‘I’m Home’ being extra special because it came out pre-enlistment and has us in our feels every time we listen. And ‘Heartbreak.’ which is the moody banger he gave us last year, still has us floored. Time to learn those lyrics by heart, Flamers, and give the music videos some views!

Enjoy Best Choice Again

Minho hosted a visual radio show during the better half of 2021, and it brought us so many amazing interactions with his fellow idol friends and so many funny moments that we can’t stop rewatching. Now is the perfect time to dive back into this gold mine of unforgettable moments!

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Watch Minho’s K-Dramas

Minho’s newest drama, The Fabulous, was recently indefinitely postponed due to the Itaewon tragedy, but we are sure the drama will bring us joy once it’s out. Before we get to enjoy that, though, it is time to rewatch one of the many amazing K-Dramas Minho has starred in before. Let’s support our boy! Since he can’t only sing but act as well!

Get Ready For Best Choi’s 2022

In December, Minho is going to be bringing back his fanmeeting series – this time called 2022 BEST CHOI’s MINHO – LUCKY CHOI’s. We are more than excited to see this talented man on stage again, so charge your Shating Stars and rewatch your favorite moments from previous fanmeets to manifest more content like it.

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Well, we think it is pretty obvious how excited we are for this solo debut! But tell us about you, how do you feel about Minho’s solo? What concept would you like him to take on? What kind of music? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram!


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