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YOASOBI Are Giving Our Ears ‘The Blessing’ They Needed With Their Latest Song

YOASOBI Are Giving Our Ears ‘The Blessing’ They Needed With Their Latest Song

If you have plans on November 18, be ready to cancel them! Japan’s super duo are back again, with an English EP for their growing global fanbase. As Japan’s #1 Billboard charter and MTV Japan’s Artist of the Year, you’ll be crazy to not listen to their newest songs. J-Pop superstars YOASOBI are planning to release their English EP E-Side 2 on November 18. The title track for this new EP is titled ‘If I Could Draw Life’ and was the theme song to the theater play “もしも命が描けたら(Moshimo Inochiga Egaketara). To tease before the full drop, the group released ‘The Blessing’ which will be one of the tracks on the album.

Yoasobi’s Newest Song ‘The Blessing’

‘The Blessing’ is their latest song to unveil before the release. This song is the twin of their Japanese title ‘Shukufuku.’ The beautiful vocals from Ikura combined with the energetic instrumentals make it hard not to dance along. Not only has the English version been a major bop, but the Japanese one is also not to be slept on. It’s the opening theme for the latest anime Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury. The MV surpassed 12 million views so you can imagine the excitement for the English version. The English version shares a beautiful message about one’s self-journey. Following your dreams and desires should be your choice, no one else’s. This is the message they are hoping to share with their song. This comes as no surprise as they are known for turning novels into stories. It would only be right to share a message within this song.

More From YOASOBI And Their Newest EP

If you love the amazing music and stories this duo has to tell, there’s more for you to discover. Their song ‘The Swallow‘ was released earlier this month. We already know you’re in love with YOASOBI so why not listen to it? Still going to miss them? Listen to some of the Japanese tracks that will be featured on E-Side 2. Make sure to pre-order/pre-save so you don’t miss out on the album of the year!

YOASOBI—E-SIDE 2 (English Version)

1. ‘The Blessing’

2. ‘If I Could Draw Life’

3. ‘Romance’

4. ‘The Swallow’ (feat. Midories)

5. ‘Halzion’

6. ‘Just a Little Step’

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7. ‘Haruka’

8. ‘Love Letter’

Image Source: YOASOBI

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