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Xdinary Heroes Take On A Horror Concept With ‘Hair Cut’

Xdinary Heroes Take On A Horror Concept With ‘Hair Cut’

We had Xdinary Heroes’ first mini-album on repeat for weeks, and now they’re back with another incredible mini-album. In Overload, Xdinary Heroes prove once again to be one of a kind in the K-pop scene. As they embrace a horror concept, ‘Hair Cut’ is strange, unique, and catchy in the most bizarre, yet best way ever. This is for sure a release no one would expect and we love every single part of it. This is exactly why we needed a band like Xdinary Heroes to enter the K-pop world.

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‘Hair Cut’

For this third title track, Xdinary Heroes fully embrace their weird side. If you thought ‘Happy Death Day‘ and ‘Test Me’ were out there, you have seen nothing yet. Xdinary Heroes embraced their strangeness to a whole other level with ‘Hair Cut.’ Just like their previous releases, it is a song heavily inspired by punk music, and they mix that with the Halloween vibe. Right from the get-go, the song builds an amazing spooky atmosphere. The chorus is so unique and bizarre, and that distorted guitar makes it so good.

This is a song truly unlike any other K-pop release. And the effects added in its production make it spookier and even more distinctive. ‘Hair Cut’ is eccentric and strange, and the best side of experimenting with rock music.

The music video for ‘Hair Cut’ is equally interesting, and lowkey disturbing at times. It serves the atmosphere the song builds perfectly. Set in a carnival, the horror and terror are executed flawlessly. Of course, you cannot ignore the influence of Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands in their concept photos as well as the song itself. Xdinary Heroes were truly genius for this.


Xdinary Heroes introduced themselves to the world fully with Hello, world! and we fell in love with every single one of the b-sides. Overload is no different – this is a no-skip mini-album. While they remain loyal to the sound of their previous mini-album, we already see so much evolution and growth. The b-sides build on the atmosphere the title track sets beautifully. They offer us a real spooky mini-album.

The opening track, ‘Zzz..,’ serves as the perfect introduction. The song has so many twists and turns, and manages to fit together different melodies that shouldn’t necessarily work together – but they do. It’s fun yet it builds this atmosphere that lures you into the world that is ‘Hair Cut.’

‘LUNATIC’ and ‘Crack In The Mirror’ are two songs that are heavily influenced by classic rock. ‘LUNATIC’ could be a perfect classic rock song, but it has such an edge to it that has Xdinary Heroes‘ signature all over it. And the guitar riff throughout the song… It’s insanely good.

‘Crack In The Mirror’ is a quite deep song about self-doubt that mixes classic rock with even more punk influence. It makes you want to scream the lyrics at the top of your lungs.

Image Source: JYP Entertainment

The fifth track in Overload is ‘Ghost.’ This has to be one of the biggest highlights of the mini-album. The chorus itself is just so satisfying with its pop melody and subtle whistling. The lyrics for this one as well exemplify a more deep and sentimental side of the band.

The closing track of Xdinary Heroes’ second mini-album (excluding the instrumental version of ‘Hair Cut’) is ‘X-MAS,’ and what a song. You may wonder what a song named after Christmas is doing in a mini-album heavily influenced by Halloween… Well, with this track they excel at the horror formula, mixing both Halloween and Christmas into one song. It is pure genius and ‘X-MAS’ is simply a musical masterpiece. It’s energetic and fun, yet intriguing and creepy. This might be one of their best songs ever. It is the perfect song for this in-between season, after Halloween and before the Christmas holiday. No other song fits the mood quite like this one.

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Image Source: JYP Entertainment

Xdinary Heroes pushed themselves with this release. Whether it comes to the concept, the styling, or the music itself, they’re truly proving to be one-of-a-kind and they’re keeping K-pop interesting. Xdinary Heroes are doing things no other K-pop group has done before and we can’t wait to see how they evolve. In less than a year since their debut, Xdinary Heroes has already proven to have so many surprises in store for us. We just love everything about these guys.

How much are you enjoying ‘Hair Cut?’ What’s your favorite track on Overload? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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