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The Julia Michaels Breakup Survival Kit For When You Reach Your ‘Sorry To Me Too’ Stage

The Julia Michaels Breakup Survival Kit For When You Reach Your ‘Sorry To Me Too’ Stage

Regarding musical playlists stored on your phone, we can almost guess the theme underneath the “House Party Anthems.” Perhaps it has a bit of Taylor Swift, some of Lizzo, and even Justin Bieber’s plead to ‘Love Yourself.’ It’s those belting ballads to angrily fist air-punching earworms that fall somewhere in the five stages of heartbreak, either wishfully pressing rewind on heartfelt memories or reverting us to the bada**es we once and always will be! A breakup playlist, perhaps? 

Well, we have another track for you. Sweetheart Julia Michaels has returned to the scene since last year’s heavy rotation album Not In Chronological Order with a new single ‘Sorry To Me Too.’ If you can’t gauge what it’s about from the title, then perhaps the cover art will do the trick! With a sleek black fringe, Julia is ready to press a kiss on a slumbering mannequin that represents her “apathetic being.” The song is the first of many, ushering in an era sparked with singlehood and solidarity with us, other crushed folks who are processing what’s now buried.

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Even though Julia’s so kind for giving us this track when we need it most, she’s been resuscitating our hearts since the start of her career! So much so that we’ve decided to list out a few ways, she’s done so. Whether you need it now or have 9-1-1-JULIA saved into your contacts for a rainy day, here’s a mend-your-heart safety kit inspired by the singer. 

Comfort Performance With Comfort Celebs

Unless your idea of a stress reliever is throwing popcorn at a screen during a couples’ meet-cute, watching a rom-com is the last thing you want to do while experiencing a breakup! Thankfully, Julia Michaels and Niall Horan turned James Corden’s stage into a park where the Irish’s infamous purple pants matched the blossoming flowers. Confiding in her friend, Julia and Niall sang their 2019 hit ‘What A Time.’ It’s the perfect hug-through-the-screen. 

Poetry Scribbles

There are only so many platforms we can block our ex on before we start processing the breakup itself, and while lyrics can help us do so, so can poetry! In fact, it’s how Julia ended up being a songwriter in the first place, having memories of writing poems around the ages of 13 to 14—even challenging herself by writing the alphabet on the top of her notebook to discover as many rhyming words as she could. In an interview with Popjustice, she gushes over R. H. Sin’s poetry as he explores the complexities of relationships from a male’s perspective. Although he has a whole library of books, below are two called One More Before Goodbye and A Beautiful Composition of Broken that touch specifically on the fallout.

This Tattoo

Getting a message from an artist engraved onto your skin is a perfect way to remind yourself how tough you are during those sour days, but what about the performer? With at least 31 tattoos covering Julia’s body, we’re never running out of favorites! Our current has to be this abstract doodle originally by Geffen Refaeli with the addition of “Free Hugs” scripted on the plant head’s jumper. As from our first inclusion in Julia’s breakup survival kit, all we really want when a love withers out is a hug! 


Your New Favorite Shirt

Okay, we know! Before you Gems write a comment, ‘All Your Exes’ is a satirical play on protecting your love with the person you’re booed up with, but in the case of being broken up, it’s pretty normal not to want to think of your ex with anyone else, yeah? Almost as if you want to be the person to move on first… so it hurts a little lesser… even though that never actually works. And surely even our therapist will schedule an emergency sesh after realizing that some part of our toxic brain once believed so! Regardless this cute merch design by wonderbytb on Red Bubble is exactly what we need.

Image Source: wonderbytb via Red Bubble

Turn Spotify’s Heart Button Green Right Now

‘Sorry To Me Too’ captures that disbelief and anger phase. Like, ‘You say you’re sorry?’ Well, I’m sorry to me too for believing all your  bullshit and in the promises that you gave me and told me that I clinged to—that I thought were real.

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The numero uno thing we need during a breakup is, of course, music. ‘Sorry To Me Too’ is that song. It has the poetry of Shakespearean Julia – please tell us that the couplet “You were like God // I was so anointed when I fell for you” won’t only be used for our subtweeting needs – blended with a sad hour dancing track. Not to mention the intro, a staticky play on the voicemail you’d often leave to your ex. Instead, we’re calling our past selves, who we wish had paid attention to the danger signs a bit earlier, so we didn’t have to rip the phone chords from the wall now.

Not a Spotify user? No worries. ‘Sorry To Me Too’ is also available to stream on Apple Music as well as other music services. Julia’s got us heartbroken girlies. Are you already thinking of adding it to your breakup playlist? Let us know your favorite lyric and other Julia tunes helping you through via our Twitter @thehoneypop. 

This is only the start of a new era for Julia, and we’re so excited, can’t you tell? To be in the know, follow along with our tag for the songstress, plus our other social media accounts, including Facebook and Instagram. 


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