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7 VICTON Songs That Are As Infectious As ‘Virus’

7 VICTON Songs That Are As Infectious As ‘Virus’

ALICEs we finally got another long-awaited VICTON comeback and it is an infectious one at that. We had to wait a minute to get another comeback from these boys and with Seungwoo a foot out of the military finally (we are under 100 days!) we can’t wait to see OT6 VICTON finally perform together again! (Until another member has to enlist but we don’t talk about that shush).

Choice marks VICTON’s eighth mini album which deservingly makes them officially veterans in the industry. This means the boys have the freedom to truly explore their sound and give us alluring and mature concepts and killing it each and every time. We were excited alone by those incredibly stunning concept photos for this comeback. The boys never looked better in our humble opinion.

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This new comeback offers us VICTON at their best. ‘Virus’ is pretty intoxicating with its vocals – Seungsik and Sejun ate – and Hanse’s outstanding rap parts. While we devour Choice and the fantastic b-sides (‘Time Chaser’ we are looking at you, sweetie) we thought it was the perfect time to look at all the other infectious songs VICTON gave us throughout the years.


This list has to naturally start off with this new queen we just got. ‘Virus’ just gets better with each listen and the melody! The vocals! The visuals! She’s got everything to make us unable to pause her! Stream ‘Virus’ here.

‘Nostalgic Night’

Okay, hear us out because this might be one of our absolute favorite songs by the boys. ‘Nostalgic Night’ is a really meaningful comeback for VICTON and ALICE as it was the first song the group released after their long, indefinite hiatus and Seungwoo participating on Produce X 101 in order to save VICTON. Sadly, due to him being part of X1 at the time, he was missing from this comeback but the version with Seungwoo, which they later released, is just as addictive!

‘Time of Sorrow’

Of course, we couldn’t miss ‘Time of Sorrow’ from this list. The single was the last comeback VICTON had back in May of 2018 with the future of their group unknown. It just shows off perfectly how talented these boys were from debut on and the song accompanied VICTON and ALICE through a real ‘Time of Sorrow.’


Honestly, doesn’t the title speak for itself? Would you ever expect a song titled ‘Howling’ to be anything less than catchy, alluring, and just amazing? VICTON know the perfect balance between vocals, raps, and an addictive hook. ‘Howling’ is everything to us and so should it be to you!

‘Eyez Eyez’

We gotta take it back to 2017 with this classic. VICTON in their debut era was just as catchy as they are in 2022! ‘Eyez Eyez’ had us crying our eyes out in love over those electronic beats and vocals for months on end. We kind of need a 2022 version of this one. Boys?

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Oh, ‘Mayday,’ the love we have for you. This song is just infectious from the first tone on. The atmosphere is drawing us right in and once this banger is over you just need to press replay. Also, getting Rapper Seungwoo and Vocalist Seungwoo at the same time in this one? We for sure also pressed the ‘Mayday’ button the moment we saw the music video and that bridge hit.

‘What I Said’

We had to finish it off with the title track of the boys’ first full album. While ‘Flip A Coin’ is just as infectious when it comes to being stuck in our heads, ‘What I Said’ has this extra edge to it that made it the memorable title track it is today. Please, how can this song not land on your playlist after the first listen? “We like it like that” after all.

We could easily keep going but then eventually VICTON’s entire discography would be in this article. Now tell us, what’s your favorite VICTON song? What do you think about Choice and ‘Virus?’ Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram!


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