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Five Songs Created By Michael Clifford That Live In Our Heads Rent-Free

Five Songs Created By Michael Clifford That Live In Our Heads Rent-Free

Michael Clifford can truly do it all. From being an excellent guitarist and singer to his amazing production and lyrical capabilities, we’re seriously starting to think that there isn’t anything he can’t do. Michael has used these insane musical abilities to create some of our all-time favorite 5 Seconds of Summer songs. He even produced the majority of their recent 5SOS5 album and co-written a great deal of their overall discography. So, we’re here today to round up five songs created by Michael Clifford that live in our heads rent-free!


5SOS5 gave us 19 impeccable new 5 Seconds of Summer songs, blessing our playlists with amazing singles like ‘Me Myself and I,’ ‘COMPLETE MESS,’ and ‘BLENDER.’ One of our personal highlights from the album, however, was Michael’s solo track, ‘Emotions.’ ‘Emotions’ is a vulnerable song that, unsurprisingly, discusses emotions and how they are processed when someone is feeling “kinda broken.” Michael’s voice perfectly compliments this kind of song. We were so hyped to finally be getting another solo Michael song on a 5SOS album. As well as being the only member to sing, Michael also produced ‘Emotions’ and co-wrote the lyrics with Calum and Dark Waves. These three also co-wrote ‘2011’ and we really hope they work together more in the future!

‘Jet Black Heart’

‘Jet Black Heart’ holds a special place in the hearts of all 5SOS stans and we seriously haven’t stopped thinking about how much we love it in the seven years since its release. It’s another song that was written by Michael and Calum (the dream team) in collaboration with two other writers, lyrically tackling topics like self-sabotage and the ending of relationships. Sonically, this song feels very heavy and it will definitely get an emotional reaction out of any old 5SOS stan. This song is so iconic and instantly springs to mind when we think of Michael. We’re transported back to his epic performances of it during the Sounds Live Feels Live Tour. Oh, what we wouldn’t give to re-live those tour dates *sighs.* 

‘Easy For You To Say’

‘Easy For You To Say’ is another one of our absolute favorite songs from 5SOS5. It has seriously been living in our heads rent-free since they first started playing it on the Take My Hand World Tour. While the song was written by all of the members and sung by only Luke, Michael produced the track and took the lead in terms of sonic direction. ‘Easy For You To Say’ is an atmospheric track that perfectly encapsulates the vibe that the band was trying to go for on this album. The production of the song makes it feel dreamy and light, greatly contrasting the intimacy of the lyrics. The song discusses the ideas of nostalgia and the effects that fame can mentally have on people. So it’s similar to the themes displayed in songs such as ‘2011’ and the song ‘Comedown’ from Luke’s solo album. It’s overall a super beautiful track and it truly showcases Michael Clifford’s incredible capabilities as a producer.

‘The Only Reason’

While this may now be an older 5SOS song, we still think it is one of our all-time favorites. ‘The Only Reason’ was released as a b-side from the She Looks So Perfect EP in 2014 and was written by Michael and two other co-writers. ‘The Only Reason’ is a love song that discusses the idea of not being able to function properly after a breakup that you can’t get over, with the members singing about how their “dizzy head is numb” and how they are losing sleep. This song really stands out for us as an early 5SOS track. We think it’s super different from any of their more recent songs like ‘Want You Back’ or even ‘You Don’t Go To Parties’ that discuss similar themes. However, as much as we adore this song, we will be pursuing legal action against Michael Clifford for the emotional rollercoaster it has had us on for the last eight years. Michael, if you’re reading this, we’ll see you in court.

‘Better Man’

‘Better Man’ is a b-side from the Youngblood album and was written by Michael, Luke, and a series of co-writers. If we’re honest, we think this may be one of the most underrated 5 Seconds of Summer songs. We simply couldn’t leave it off this list. The song discusses how being with the right person has made Michael and Luke into better people, encouraging them to stop indulging in bad habits like heavy drinking and smoking. ‘Better Man’ sort of feels like a prequel to ‘Best Years,’ written by Luke for the CALM album in 2022 and having thematic similarities. In the iconic Cocktail Chats series, Michael stated how nice it was to write a song about being committed to someone. Honestly, if we were married to Crystal Leigh then we would probably also write songs about how great she is too. 

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