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14 Of Our Favorite Looks From The 2022 American Music Awards

14 Of Our Favorite Looks From The 2022 American Music Awards

Do you have any fun traditions for watching iconic award shows like the American Music Awards? For the team at THP, one of our favorites is playing armchair fashion police every time another star shows up! This year’s AMAs brought some of our favorite looks yet, and while we could talk about 2022’s black carpet all day, we’ll spare you and just share 14 of our faves. Still a lot, but it was, like, really hard to narrow these down.

Bebe Rexha

Roses are red, her latest hit is blue, if you called Bebe a legend, we’d so agree with you! She looked absolutely stunning in this gown by the young Chinese designer Yuan Qiqi of Buerlangma, who’s also dressed stars like Beyoncé. We NEED Bebe to wear more of Buerlangma’s designs because just look at this!!

Image Source: American Music Awards on Twitter

Brent Faiyaz

Brent Faiyaz gave us one of the most wearable looks of the night, combining preppy and comfy in such a great way! Honestly, if we went to an award show, we’d wanna be in something like this rather than a more unconventional, uncomfortable outfit. If you wanna recreate his effortless style at home, pair a pullover sweatshirt with a nice jacket and statement pants.

Carrie Underwood

Okay, Carrie, we see you! We’re in love with this shimmery, pastel look and how well it matches the aesthetic of her Denim & Rhinestones era. She looked like a fairy queen and we can’t get over it. We probably never will, either, but that’s fine with us.

Dove Cameron

“Plus all my clothes would fit…” Dove, do you promise? Because we’d do just about everything to try on this outfit. We love the contrast between the sophisticated corset and the edgier, more streetwear-influenced skirt! We’d wear it to an award show, out to ‘Breakfast’ with friends, or even just running errands because we’re extra like that.


We’ve already known that 2022 is the year of GAYLE, but her AMAs look gives us even more proof. This gold lace look had our jaws dropping from the moment we saw it on the black carpet. Between sitting next to Taylor Swift most of the night and wearing this gorgeous of a dress, we really just wanna be GAYLE in life!

Machine Gun Kelly

He’s born with thorns and he is absolutely killing the fashion game! Machine Gun Kelly took home the award for Favorite Rock Artist and dressed like a punk porcupine in the best way possible. But Colson, if you see this, we have to ask: how did you sit down in this all night?!

Image Source: American Music Awards on Twitter


Right here, right now, we’re ‘Beggin” you to give Måneskin the credit they deserve for their unique style! The quartet wowed us with their fresh take on a traditional suit, giving us some cutouts in the pants and even some bits of leather-y material for some more visual interest. The perfect balance of put-together and edgy.

Image Source: American Music Awards on Twitter

Meghan Trainor

Okay, who do we have to talk to for there to be a Meghan Trainor Barbie doll? Because after seeing this look, we need one! Our girl was absolutely shining onstage and off, and she really ‘Make It Look Easy’ to look that incredible.

Image Source: American Music Awards on Twitter

Nessa Barrett

That’s our girl! Nessa looked pretty in pink while still giving us a bit of edge, and we can’t get enough. Excuse us for a moment as we save this outfit to all of our Pinterest boards as inspo. It’s adorable and glamorous all at once!

P!nk (& Her Fam)

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but the best accessory P!nk could’ve brought to the AMAs is her family. And that’s just what she did! Her husband, Carey Hart, and their children, Willow and Jameson, complemented her lightning bolt outfit by wearing all black, matching half the dress while letting the gold make a statement on its own.

See Also

Alright, we can’t talk about P!nk’s AMA fashion without talking about her performance costume! From the candy necklace and conversation heart earrings to the teddy bear jacket, this outfit was so fun and really matched the vibes of ‘Never Gonna Not Dance Again’ so well.

Image Source: American Music Awards on Twitter

Sabrina Carpenter

Sabrina’s in her It Girl era and we are very much here for it! She looked absolutely dazzling in this two-piece look, and the two-tone lips are such a cool makeup statement. We also love that Sabrina told an interviewer on the carpet that her cat ate one of the pieces of fringe because he has “expensive taste.” The only thing that could’ve made this outfit better would be bringing the cat on a matching rhinestone leash!

Taylor Swift

She is an icon, she is a legend, and she is the moment. She’s also the first artist to ever reach a milestone 40 American Music Awards! Taylor Swift is in a league all her own, and that includes her impeccable style – we’re enamored by this ‘Bejeweled’ jumpsuit from The Blonds, a brand she last wore during her Lover era in 2019.


Ah, TXT, you spoil us! This group of outfits went in a few different directions, from rich-guy-going-out-to-dinner to teenage-punk-has-to-dress-up-for-a-family-outing, and we’re enamored by every aspect of it. Even with elements of so many different styles, they really work well together and look so polished! Us to these looks: “I know I love you…”

Image Source: American Music Awards on Twitter

Now we wanna hear from you! What were your favorite looks from this year’s American Music Awards? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more fun content about all your fave artists, click here.

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