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5 Times Shotaro Showed Us That He’s A Dance Prodigy

5 Times Shotaro Showed Us That He’s A Dance Prodigy

Whenever Shotaro steps on the stage, you’re guaranteed an amazing performance! From Tik Tok to concert stages, he’s a dance prodigy with years of experience that shows. He’s only been in the idol scene for 2 years and he’s managed to be named one of the best K-pop dancers. It’s hard not to see this as he always puts 110% into dancing and was a star student at one of Japan’s most famous dance academies. Don’t believe us? Here’s a list of 5 times Shotaro showed us that he’s a dance prodigy!

His SMTOWN Debut

SMTOWN is SM Entertainment’s concert where they highlight all their artists. Shotaro was a man on a mission, coming out with an unforgettable SMTOWN debut. His stage presence, facials, and energy were all on point. Not to mention he was front and center for the energetic dance break. With impressive footwork and powerful moves, Shotaro ranked from one to ten is a certified twenty (do you recognize where this is from?)

Shotaro Wants You To ‘Make A Wish’

‘Make A Wish’ was Shotaro’s official debut into the NCT universe and he wanted his name to be known! His sharp moves and smooth skills stole the hearts of many, quickly making him popular. Rent must’ve been due soon because he danced like a check was due! This iconic fancam will have you watching him a million times. Not to mention he’s sporting a rocking outfit.

He’s Keeping It ‘Honest’ With Us

This cover is too short for our liking and we definitely need more of it. Shotaro covered Justin Bieber’s song ‘Honest’ and let’s be honest, he devoured it! This cover is so iconic, it may be one of his best ones. He’s a master of hard-hitting moves, never missing a beat as he absolutely eats up this dance. This cover will really show you how much of a prodigy Shotaro is.

Shotaro Is Our ‘Universe’

Shotaro’s first-ever comeback and boy was it a comeback! He rocked the stage to NCT U’s ‘Universe.’ He knows how to move to the choreo and even had some of his own solo dance moves in the MV! This song is hype and energetic yet Shotaro never breaks a sweat. He has fun while performing this song and shows how hard he works on his dancing. Be warned, you will be watching this fancam a thousand times because it’s so addicting and look at that cute face on the thumbnail!

His Dance Cover For Vogue

How can someone be hot and cute at the same time? Shotaro knows as he shows us in his Vogue Korea dance cover. Sporting a sleeveless, white, top, Shotaro shows us his moves as he makes some fiery facials to the camera and shows us what personality in dance is all about. If you didn’t have a crush on him already, this video will unquestionably make you fall in love with him and his dancing.

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