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EPEX, Announces First US Tour For February 2023 – Here Is Our Dream Setlist

EPEX, Announces First US Tour For February 2023 – Here Is Our Dream Setlist

If you’re feeling the post-concert depression hitting you as the year ends, wipe your tears! EPEX is starting 2023 with a bang as they have announced their first US tour. EPEX are an 8-member rookie boy group who have already started their rise in popularity. After having massive success since their debut in 2021, we are freaking out about the US tour. So grab some popcorn, put on EPEX’s music and come with us as we explain some of the tour details.

The boy band will start their US tour in New York and end it in San Francisco. If you see your city on the list then how lucky are you! While the venue and ticket information have not been dropped yet, you can follow Epex’s official Instagram and @_MyMusicTaste on Twitter to be updated on the latest tour news. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for EPEX and their fans as they embark on their first US tour. While we all wait for more info, here are some songs we are hoping to see live on the tour!

Our Dream Setlist

‘Lock Down’

EPEX’s debut started off with a bang as they released their 1st EP, Bipolar Pt.1: Prelude of Anxiety, with the title track ‘Lock Down.’ The rappers of the group made sure to snatch everyone’s hearts, showing off some impressive skills and lyrics. Not only that, the singers of the group sang a beautiful melody near the end that’ll have you swooning. Paired with the powerful choreo, this is a perfect hype song so we can only imagine it would be even greater live!

‘Love Virus’

‘Love Virus’ is a feel-good song and will have everyone up on their feet singing along. As the 1st track on their EP, Bipolar Pt.2: Prelude of Love, EPEX’s members show off their amazing singing skills and set the mood for the EP. While they sing to you about spreading love to others, you can wave your hands along to the music. It would be a perfect encore song for the concert and just imagine everyone waving their lights to the beat!

‘Sling Shot’

‘Sling Shot’ is one of EPEX’s calmer songs, having smooth R&B elements in the song. This is a perfect song for everyone to groove and relax to during the concert. The vocals and mystical sound of this song will show fans that EPEX’s mic is always on! We would love to see them perform this song on their tour and we hope you do too! Did we mention that we hope to see some suave choreo for it as well? (EPEX please answer our prayers!)

‘Hymn To Love’

We couldn’t finish this list without mentioning one of their newest songs, ‘Hymn To Love.’ This catchy song is sure to get anyone cheering. The members show off a new look, singing about their first love and this feeling of puppy love. Coming from their most recent EP, Prelude of Love Chapter 1: Puppy Love, this song perfectly describes how the boys feel when they are majorly crushing on someone. We think this would be a great opener that would get everyone ready for the show!

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Are you just as excited as we are to finally see the EPEX members in the USA? What songs are you hoping they perform? Do you want them to do a meet and greet in the USA as well? Let us know in the comments, tweet us @TheHoneyPop or let us know on Facebook and Instagram!



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