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Top 7 Moments From Dreamcatcher’s Apocalypse : Follow Us Tour

Top 7 Moments From Dreamcatcher’s Apocalypse : Follow Us Tour

This has been a massive year for Dreamcatcher. With amazing releases, they’ve been able to tour the world after almost three years. Starting with a couple of performances in festivals in Europe, including being the first K-Pop act to perform at Barcelona’s Primavera Sound, Dreamcatcher went on a world tour – starting with North America, going back to South Korea, and then Europe. We were lucky enough to attend the last stop of the European leg in Paris, and here are our favorite moments of the show!

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Image Source: Dreamcatcher Company

‘Jazz Bar’

Dreamcatcher started the show strongly with their most recent title tracks: ‘VISION,’ ‘MAISON’ and ‘BEcause.’ But the first highlight in their setlist has to be ‘Jazz Bar.’ Dreamcatcher are known for their rock sound, sure – the girls are literally the pioneers of rock in K-pop. But they’re also known for their incredible vocals and their diverse discography. ‘Jazz Bar’ is the perfect example of that. This song falls more into the soft (and yes, jazzy) side of their sound. The vibes are even more immaculate live, and the soft yet powerful vocals sound even better live. These girls eat CDs – no joke. And also, to hear the OT7 version of this song is just an amazing experience. We could hear them sing this all day long.


One of Dreamcatcher’s most iconic title tracks has to be ‘Scream.’ And in the show, the energy tripled as soon as it started. With everyone singing and jumping around, ‘Scream‘ live was an unforgettable moment. Dreamcatcher are incredible vocalists, yes, but they’re also amazing performers. This is, for sure, one of their most iconic and difficult choreographies. To see it live sends you to another universe. The energy it builds in the venue and public is just unbelievable and unforgettable. Dreamcatcher truly know how to put on a show.

Dreamcatcher’s Solos

For their second full-length album, Apocalypse: Save Us, Dreamcatcher released a solo for each member – where the members participated in the making and writing of their song. These songs are deeply personal and also represent a side of the members that they don’t necessarily get to show in group releases. While the girls didn’t sing the full song, they did perform the highlight of each of their songs. It was a fun and wholesome way to see each of them shine individually and to see them shine through songs that we know are special to them – and us as well. Throughout this segment, they also interacted with the public, and it was one of the moments that showed the most the strong connection between Dreamcatcher and InSomnias.

It’s also a tradition for SuA to dance her solo, ‘No Dot,’ and then pick other members to freestyle to it. It’s always so much fun to see but seeing it live was even more special. For this show, SuA picked JiU and Handong to dance to her song, and it was simply amazing.

dreamcatcher tour
Image Source: Dreamcatcher Company

‘Silent Night’

One of those B-sides that hit harder live is definitely ‘Silent Night.’ This is one of their most unique songs. With beautiful melodies and an addictive drop, ‘Silent Night‘ is one of Dreamcatcher’s strongest songs. But live, it’s even more incredible. The energy was off the roof, with everyone jumping around and singing. ‘Silent Night’ live was a beautiful and insane experience.

‘Wind Blows’

From Dystopia: Road to Utopia, ‘Wind Blows’ is one of their most impressive performances. The thing is, as much as we already knew how good they are, Dreamcatcher live is just an entirely different thing. Because, yes, believe it or not: Dreamcatcher are even more impressive live. Videos do not make their talent justice. Not only the energy from the crowd was amazing, with our participation in the post-chorus, but the performance on its own was simply mind-blowing. The break dance is just insanity. Everyone deserves to see these girls perform at least once in their lives. They’re just insane for this.


We already mentioned ‘Scream’ being one of the most iconic title tracks Dreamcatcher has released. But if we’re talking iconic title tracks, of course, we need to mention ‘BOCA.’ Everyone went absolutely insane with this one. The scream during Dami’s iconic rap was so loud that she even re-did it during her ment. That’s how insane the energy was. And Siyeon’s high note in live just hits harder. Most performances gave us chills with how good they were, but ‘BOCA‘ even more. They’re truly incredible performers, dancers, and singers. It is just indescribable.


This one is one of the most personal Dreamcatcher songs, and live, it hit harder. The lyrics reflect their journey together as a group but also along InSomnias. ‘Starlight’ is simply so special to everyone, and to have a whole venue sing the lyrics “You shine even without the moonlight” was so emotional yet hopeful. Apart from being an amazing song, and one of the best songs out of Apocalypse: Save Us, the emotions and meaning behind the lyrics are inexplicable. After celebrating Dreamcatcher’s first win and renewed contract, and additionally with this being the last concert of the leg, to sing this song all together felt even more special. 

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