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We Want To See Fan Edits Using Lewis Capaldi’s ‘Pointless’ For These Christmas Rom-Coms ASAP 

We Want To See Fan Edits Using Lewis Capaldi’s ‘Pointless’ For These Christmas Rom-Coms ASAP 

If you haven’t been scrolling through your TikTok’s fyp page for the past few weeks, then you may be unaware of a sentimental song tuckered into Lewis Capaldi’s account. “I bring her coffee in the morning; she brings me inner peace,” it starts. It’s a line initially written by Ed Sheeran before collaborators Steve Mac and Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid offered it up in a writing session that inspired Lewis to flesh out the rest of ‘Pointless.’ Well, with the tune being the romantic ballad of the year it is, it wasn’t long before it caught wind on the couples’ side of the platform. Gushy brides and grooms set their wedding footage to the tune, creating a loved-up montage that inevitably had bachelor Lewis distressed in the shower.


#duet with @Beth Haines i have only myself to blame #singersongwriter #love

♬ original sound – Lewis Capaldi

The beautiful upside is that it’s allowing ‘Pointless’ to take on a life of its own, boosting the streaming numbers to well over 1.5 million, which was barely within 24 hours! Seeing as it’s the season of cuffing, we thought we’d keep the momentum going by passing over some of our favorite Christmas rom-coms so we can do a complete Lewis Capaldi takeover of romantic TikTok. We’re considering opening up our editing software and making a few fan edits using the ballad for the movies below! What do you think? Believe we can extend his shower wallowing time? 

Last Christmas

Major spoiler alert here, so if you thought this list was purely to entice you with a Christmas viewing than to get you to go to work on boosting the streaming numbers for ‘Pointless,’ then guess again! Last Christmas isn’t about gifting birthday cards as Lewis’ song lyrics portray, but rather actual lubb-dupp (the sound it makes, duh) hearts. Henry Golding’s character Tom got into a biking accident a year before the events take place, sadly dying and passing his heart onto Emilia Clarke’s Kate. 

Image Source: Jonathan Prime/Universal

Love Actually

You’re telling us you haven’t watched Love Actually yet? Then we’re going to equally think you haven’t streamed ‘Pointless’ because your tastes are entirely questionable! Luckily, you have this list to snap you out of it, do add us to your Christmas card exchange because of it. From the iconic declaration on a giant white card to a pash in the airport, this rom-com has the sort of decadence we associate with the wistful writing in ‘Pointless.’ Even if we may not have someone, we still daydream of their imaginary selves doing all these cute things. 

Image Source: Snap Stills/Shutterstock

Falling for Christmas

This year also marked Lindsay Lohan’s return to the screen with Falling For Christmas alongside musician and Glee star Chord Overstreet! For some trivia here, Lindsay made a tiny appearance on the cult hit during an episode in season three called “Nationals.” Although there is music in Falling For Christmas, maybe even some jingling bells, the chorus of ‘Pointless’ perfectly matches the love story between the pair as Lindsay’s character Sierra is an heiress, realizing her lifestyle doesn’t amount to match if she doesn’t have love. 

Scott Everett White/Netflix

Ghost of Girlfriends Past

The red scarf wrapped around Matthew McConaughey’s neck on the Ghost of Girlfriends Past poster is perhaps just as memorable as another identical Swiftian clothing piece. In this rom-com, Matthew’s Connor literally goes back in time in order to reach the amount of character growth to be with Jennifer Garner’s Jenny, realizing that being a player is, in fact, ‘Pointless’ at this stage in his life. 

Image Source: Warner Bros.


Finally, are you even an early 2000s girly if you don’t watch at least one Emma Roberts rom-com during the festive season? This one’s called Holidate, starring Luke Bracey as he plays Jackson, he’s Sloane’s platonic plus-one, but things obviously don’t stay entirely friendly with romantic feelings entering the picture. Friends to something more is the trope that we’re often getting around, so it’s a no-brainer that Holidate’s on our ‘Pointless’ list. 

Image Source: Steve Dietl/Netflix

Single Couplings

As ‘Pointless’ paints an idyllic representation of love, the leading single ‘Forget Me’ from Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent set out to do the opposite – telling us of the bitterness someone can feel after a breakup! Lewis explores this oppositional viewpoint in his interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music 1.

And I think for me, my sort of sadness or my heartache or my sort of self-reflective stuff where it could be about my anxieties and stuff, when I like to talk about them with other people and do that, I think in terms of writing, I think that feels more interesting to me. I know this come out as about love and being in love and stuff and that’s one thing. But in terms of writing songs, I just find it more interesting to delve into that stuff. And instead of when I’m thinking of what makes me happy, I’m not… Well, this song’s kind of I suppose about that. I love sitting in melancholy.

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 Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1

The interview further touched on his friendship with Ed Sheeran, being diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome earlier this year, and the writing process (even if we’re now entirely tempted to sneak into the studio since a certain song won’t make the album).

Have you already whipped out your editing software along with a couple of seasonal snacks? We’re thinking candy canes, gingerbread, eggnog, whichever melts your tastebuds, even if it’s pouring some maple syrup on spaghetti, just like Elf. You’re in it for the long haul, purely to up the streaming views on Lewis’ ‘Pointless,’ and for that, we thank you. Tweet us your creative efforts through @thehoneypop. Simply just want to listen to the tune? No worries, you can do so through any of these links.

‘Pointless’ is the second single off Broken By Desire to Be Heavenly Sent coming May 19th, and though that seems so far away, we have you covered through our other social links, Facebook and Instagram, on all the info! 


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