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Holiday Dishes Simpsons Characters Would Bring To Dine With The Bocellis To Celebrate Their Christmas Short Feliz Navidad

Holiday Dishes Simpsons Characters Would Bring To Dine With The Bocellis To Celebrate Their Christmas Short Feliz Navidad

Some folks have a chocolate advent calendar, others are more bookish, but ours definitely has us taking an imaginative trip to Springfield. With well over 10 Christmas-themed The Simpsons episodes starting from those early days, and we do mean the pilot, “Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire,” whether you’re looking to carol with Bart or Lisa or sit on mall Santa Homer’s lap, there’s really a scene out there where you can do precisely that. This year’s short “The Simpsons meet the Bocellis in ‘Feliz Navidad’” airing on Disney+ further extends our countdown. 

Who says we can’t enjoy festive food along the way, though? One thing we’ve learned about spending time with our beloved fictional characters through Christmas episodes is that it goes really well with snacks. It’s truly the greatest addition to watching those days fly by until you’re sat underneath the tree opening your presents. It’s the same for our favorite dysfunctional family too! So we’ve explored the world wide web for recipes each character in The Simpsons family would most likely bring to a holiday party with the Bocellis to celebrate their short! 

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Lisa’s our conscientious vegetarian in the family, making the decision after taking a liking to a lamb at her local petting zoo, but that doesn’t mean only meat lovers have the best Christmas food! Take this Vegan Peanut Butter Pretzel Truffles by Minimalist Baker. Peanut butter, pretzels, and truffles, already sound like a taste bud-winning confirmation to us! 

Image Source: Minimalist Baker


Let’s be honest; Bart would most likely phone his meal in by ordering something from Krusty Burgers, so we’ve taken that route by serving out a Burger & Fries Christmas Tree by Chefclub! What’s good news, too, is that it takes exactly long to prepare as it does for him to say, “Eat my shorts,” with a time-frame of only 20 minutes. 

Image Source: Chefclub


If you thought we’d leave Maggie’s meal off the menu as it only serves for babies and toddlers, then guess again! Marge wouldn’t have it any other way. This turkey puree recipe found on GoodtoKnow’s website is precisely what your youngster needs to get into the festive spirit. 

Image Source: GoodtoKnow


A quick word association with Homer takes us straight to beer, so immediately, we know that this one is strictly for adults! On Jamie Oliver’s website, Sweet & spicy beer can chicken sees a beer can slotted between a roasted chicken’s legs so that its steam produces juicy results. 

Image Source: Jamie Oliver


After scouring through Martha Stewart’s website for a few hours, Marge would stop on this salad recipe: Wild Rice and Lima-Bean Salad with Cranberry Relish. Not only does it provide nutritional value that helps balance out Bart and Homer’s meals, but it also shows that she’s a complete whiz in the kitchen, even if she underestimates her ability.  

Image Source: Martyn Thompson via Martha Stewart’s official website

The Bocellis

Now that we’ve worked out which Simpsons character you’d find a way to befriend in order to engulf all of their festive dishes, “The Simpsons meet the Bocellis in ‘Feliz Navidad’” airs this Thursday, the 15th on Disney+! Homer, the romantic that he sometimes is, gifts Marge with her fan girl dream: a performance by opera singer Andrea Bocelli and children, 25-year-old Matteo and 10-year-old tween Virginia. Don’t you think the Bocelli family came barehanded, either? On the same day, ‘Feliz Navidad,’ sung in the short, will release from their new album, A Family Christmas. If you were looking for a way to get on your grandparent’s good side, this is most certainly it. 

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Do you remember the Simpsons character you became BFFs with to steal their festive dish cheekily? Or if you weren’t stealthy enough, you may have the idea to prepare it for a Christmas-themed Simpsons rewatch since even the Bocelli family believes it’s 10/10. If that’s the case, we’d love for you to snap a photo for us and send it over to @thehoneypop on Twitter. 

We have so many more holiday articles coming for you this December that it could be hard to keep track of. To make sure you’re not missing one, because who knows? It could be the one featuring your fave… follow on our Instagram and Facebook pages to celebrate the season with us!


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