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QUIZ: Which Iconic Holiday Movie Character Are You?

QUIZ: Which Iconic Holiday Movie Character Are You?

We all have those classic holiday movies and shows we love to re-watch every time the end of the year rolls around. For our TV show (and anime!) lovers, it might be the holiday specials for New Girl, Big Time Rush, or SpongeBob. For our movie lovers, it might be Elf, The Polar Express, or a Hallmark movie. We don’t judge here at THP!

So whatever traditions you may do, we’re with it! The best thing about the holidays is you can do pretty much anything and call it a tradition. You can reward yourself for a hard year or celebrate with people you love. You can even get on your phone or computer and take THP’s yearly holiday quizzes!

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That’s right! We have another amazing quiz for you. And today, we’re giving you an iconic holiday movie character based on your feelings during this time of year! You may be a Christmas cynic or even one of Santa’s helpers yourself. But you’re here now, and that’s all that matters.

Ok, that’s enough small talk! Here’s our special holiday movie character quiz!

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Your Results (We See You Peeking!)

If you got…

Mostly A’s: You’re the Grinch! It doesn’t matter if that’s good news or great news for you. You simply despise the holiday season and wish for its swift passing every year.

Mostly B’s: You’re Jack Frost! (Specifically from Rise of the Guardians.) You like to have fun during the holidays, and you’re probably the most laid-back person at every party.

Mostly C’s: You’re Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer! The holidays may not mean much to you. You work too hard, but you know it’ll pay off in the end. Remember to take care of yourself!

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Mostly D’s: You’re Buddy the Elf! The holidays are your favorite time of the year, and you make sure everyone else has that same holiday spirit. Keep that special gleam in your eye!

A tie between two or more choices: You’re one tough nut to crack! You got a tie, which means you can be your favorite holiday movie character this year.

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Which holiday movie character did you get? Did we read your holiday spirit right? Let us know your results on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

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