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4 Things We Would Like To See In VALORANT’s Episode 6: REVELATION

4 Things We Would Like To See In VALORANT’s Episode 6: REVELATION

Wake up, VALORANT enthusiasts, we’re starting the new year strong with a new episode of the game premiering this month! Episode 6: REVELATION will begin on January 10th with lots of cool surprises and changes that will make players come back to the game refreshed and ready to try out what’s new. The cinematic definitely hyped us up for all the new additions, so we have decided to list four changes that we think are essential to keep the excitement going!

(Before we begin: Can we take a quick minute to appreciate the cool art in this cinematic? We need a VALORANT series ASAP!)

Confirmed: Welcoming Lotus And Split

The biggest addition to VALORANT in this new episode is Lotus, the newest 3-site map that will be entering the map rotation. Lotus looks amazing in the cinematic! The overall jungle ruin look and the pink colors look beautiful, and we can’t wait to play it!

Image Source: Screenshot from REVELATION // Episode 6 Cinematic

Adding this map to the rotation will spice things up, as 3-site maps are more difficult to cover and strategize due to their numerous entries. If Lotus is anything like Haven, the other 3-site map in the game, players must communicate effectively to stop attackers from planting the spike.

Image Source: Screenshot from REVELATION // Episode 6 Cinematic

A beloved old friend to many also comes back to the game: Split will be back in the competitive pool! If you have seen any VALORANT content since this map was out of the rotation, you know how excited players are to be able to play it again. We hope that the deathmatches in it have made you feel ready for its comeback!

Confirmed: Saying Goodbye To Bind And Breeze

Two maps in, two maps out. Bind and Breeze will be out of the competitive pool once this new VALORANT episode starts, but we will be able to play them on deathmatches and custom games.

Bind is an OG map of the game, and we’re already missing it, even though it will remain in the rotation until the 10th. It’s the most VALORANT-esque map, perfect for practicing your duelists and smokes. So hopefully, its departure will be on the short side!

We can’t say the same for Breeze, as it’s currently one of the most hated maps in the game. It’s too big, and if you don’t include Sova and Viper in your team every time, you’re screwed for the entire match. We were willing to sacrifice some RR to skip the map, so it’s a relief to get a break from it during our competitive games.

THP Prediction: Night Mode

Now that we’ve gone through the confirmed changes in the game, we would like to see something that we think will change the boring routine of getting the same maps every time: night mode.

How cool would it be to challenge ourselves to aim and check out where the other team is going while it’s nighttime? We obviously don’t need our visibility to be reduced, but it would be cool to see some of our usual maps at night to spice up the game. We think it will give the maps we play every day some new strategic plays, as well as communicating more with our teammates.

Also, how fun would it be to be playing in the area where Fade was during the cinematic? Huge W. Riot, think about it!

THP Prediction: Agent Skins

How amazing would it be to dress up the agent we want to play with different outfits? We have seen Sage, Jett, Raze, and Killjoy with new outfits in this new cinematic, and we would love to play with those stylish new looks. Sage in battle mode (or Battle Sage, as she’s most commonly known in the VALORANT community) has conquered our hearts with her aggressive attitude. Imagine playing her with that cool outfit in the game! 

Image Source: Screenshot from REVELATION // Episode 6 Cinematic

Be sure to be on the lookout for your favorite VALORANT content creators to continue the hype for Episode 6: REVELATION! Creators worldwide will play Lotus throughout the weekend for a closer look at its future strategy. Until then, we will keep telling everyone to watch their flank.

Do you have a rank that you want to achieve during this new VALORANT episode? Are you excited about the new map? Let us know in the comments below, or tell us on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! And to enjoy more of our gaming content, click here!



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