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‘Good Rhythms For Bad Times,’ And Bears In Trees For A Better Life

‘Good Rhythms For Bad Times,’ And Bears In Trees For A Better Life

There is just something about British boy bands that make them addictive. We saw it before with One Direction. But now we are happy to introduce you to our wood essence local favorite dirtbag boy band, (drum roll playing at the back) Bear In Trees. (quite long, but deserved)

Image Source: Kay Dargen for Bears in Trees Official Instagram Account

We call them local ’cause even though, there are a little bit more than a million people over the world listening to them, they feel local. So close yet so far. From south London, these guys have been producing music for a while. But before telling you all the details, we should introduce our boys first.


4 guys, 4 friends, 4 fairies of the wood, there is no specific way to call them. The band is conformed of talented multitasker Nick (he/him) on the guitar, cat and raccoon meme lover Callum (he/him) our singer/ukulele/keyboard boy, the sensible one in the band George (he/him) on the drums, and last but not least, random and lovely Iain (they/them) on the bass and also singer.

Image Source: Fresh Concrete Official Video Photo Shoot

Image Source: Fresh Concrete Official Video Photo Shoot

Image Source: Fresh Concrete Official Video Photo Shoot

Image Source: Fresh Concrete Official Video Photo Shoot


Bears in Trees call their fans “sandboxes”, a reference to the song ‘The Sandbox One.’ At the sandbox, where all the fans gathered and share things about this beautiful world, everything seems to not have an end.

Image Source: Discord Screenshot of #about the sandbox channel

Like, look at all those things you can do in the sandbox. You can spend all day sharing, reacting, and just being loved.


They have been doing music since 2014, but the first song collection to see the light of the woods was Let’s Sleep On It in 2015. But the masterpiece that introduce them was Just Five More Minutes (2017); an album, where we find title tracks, ‘Good Rhymes for Bad Times,’ and ofc ‘The Sandbox One.’

In the same year, they released the EP Bits n’ Pieces with songs such as ‘I Have a Headache‘. The next EP they gave us was I See Blue in 2019. One of the years that was so active for these boys was 2020, before releasing I Want To Feel Chaotic as an official EP, they released songs individually, one them being one of the toughest tracks, talking about death, your worst version, and deserving love.

More Music…

They have certainly been taking the task of making different music seriously. Also Keep Me Safe was another EP whose songs are also all singles. (our personal favorite is ‘Ibuprofen‘).

Starting 2021, they gave us a surprise with their EP Flower Through Concrete. This one includes ‘Fresh Concrete’ the song with the iconic line:

“Didn’t realize happy wasn’t healing”

All of those, believe it or not, were produced by the band themselves, with a little help from their friends, but it wasn’t until 2021 that they released their first studio album under Counter Intuitive Records and everybody else smiled back . So tell us, ‘If I Just Ask Politely’ would you stan these lovely boys?

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Okay, we have told you a little bit too much about these boys, and their music, and we could keep talking about all those little details which got us in love with them. Surely, you just fell for them after this as well, and we have great news for you. They are going on a US Tour with NOAHFINNCE.

There are so many bands we haven’t discovered yet, but we got you, and we are happy you got through here, and got to know these awesome boys.

Come around to The Honey POP. Let us know which one was your favorite track, who is your new British bias, or even if we are seeing you on any tour date in the USA. Also, check out all we got for you on our Facebook or Instagram; We are pretty cool, and we always have new recommendations for your playlists.

See you on tour. All details, here!


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