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QUIZ: Inspired By The ‘Better Version’ Music Video Starring Kelsea Ballerini And FLETCHER, Which Song Off Girl Of My Dreams Defines Your Sliding Door Moment?

QUIZ: Inspired By The ‘Better Version’ Music Video Starring Kelsea Ballerini And FLETCHER, Which Song Off Girl Of My Dreams Defines Your Sliding Door Moment?

We’ve all been there. Those confusing, head-scratching minutes after you’ve decided to break up with an ex, just feeling the air begin to stale. Perhaps you’ve turned towards a familiar face on Netflix, dove into your fave’s discography, or taken a trip down to a local café just as FLETCHER did in the ‘Better Version’ music video. It only takes one glance from a complete stranger. They, too, are going through their own shadow-filled times, helping you realize this is your sliding door moment. A chance to become wholly besotted with someone else. In this case, Kelsea Ballerini.

Kelsea’s vocals share the space on this otherworldly spin! The rendition is the last track on the deluxe edition of FLETCHER’s Girl Of My Dreams album. The original earworm, with just FLETCHER’s vocals, is slightly earlier on the tracklist. You probably think the blonde-tressed country singer fits the dream girl criteria. And she absolutely does, slipping into the epitome of a dream girl easily! The song’s actually about your exes’ new boo being able to experience the shinier version of that person, while the toxic version of them is still, unfortunately, haunting your mind.

Sounds entirely unfair? Yeah, yeah, we’re with you! But as we’ve already noted, it’s the flip side that the music video directed by Eva Doležalová conveys explicitly well. Sure, you might not be with the version of your ex who’s been reading up on their self-help books, but the better version of you will have an even lighter love. We really can’t think of anything better. Can you?

Your ‘Better Version’

Does the vague resemblance to a FLETCHER track pop into your head upon hearing the question, “what song would be playing during your sliding door moment?” No matter if your minds have gone entirely blank, we’ve spent our time examining the ‘Better Version’ music video purely for this reason! From the stylish frocks both songstresses wear, to their differences in wine or tea, we’ve analyzed it all, calculating those answers to help assess which track on Girl Of My Dreams defines the moment everything clicks into place for you, resulting in a new reality. Give it a whirl. 

What were your quiz results? Tweet them to us @thehoneypop. Maybe you’ll be able to make a new fandom friend who shares a similar song. 

The ‘Better Version’ music video is the culmination of spending our waking hours viewing every Kelsea and FLETCHER thing we can open in our browsers. So you bet we’re surely hoping for a behind-the-scenes look! As we not at all patiently wait, we’ll be racking up the viewing numbers on the music video itself, of which it’s already hit well over 232K views. Good job team!

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