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First Love Deserves To Be Immortalized ie This Drama Understood The Assignment

First Love Deserves To Be Immortalized ie This Drama Understood The Assignment

We found ourselves having some free time and diving into Netflix’s home page. What we found is a drama that has us stunned. If we are sure about anything, it is that in love, there is no such thing as a ‘coincidence.’ Making a 10 episodes drama, Yuri Kanchiku reflects on first love, the harsh reality, the blows of life, and all ‘it might just happen if…’

Image Source: Netflix Japan

Utada Hikaru is more than just a Japanese superstar. She is also the creator of ‘First Love‘ and ‘Hatsukoi,’ the two songs that give life to this love story. Young love is definitely one of the hardest things to explain. There is no one way of feeling, and this story perfectly reflects that.

The story

A maze of time and two versions of a young love story. Yae Noguchi and Harumichi Namiki are two teens that tell us each their version of the story. A problematic boy and the most beautiful, smart girl he has ever seen. Despite all the boys in school wanting a chance with her, destiny was on Namiki’s side as he watched her reject them all over and over again, giving him the chance to ask her out.

But it’s real life, and young love does not last forever. Time passes by, and now we have a grown Yae, who now is a Taxi driver in Sapporo, and Namiki, a security guard, both stuck in the suburbs and taking on the blows life deals us. As the story goes on, we see how life treats these two souls, how life brings them to challenge after challenge, and how first love was meant to be.

Image Source: Netflix Japan

The small details

In life, we are used to overlooking the little things that make a difference, but this time we got you. This drama has so many of those small details. For example, when we see the beginning of their lives, we glance at a darker screen tone, physical distance, and pining looks; meanwhile, when we have young versions, we see warm tones, enthusiastic clothing, and real hope.

The fact that the maze of timelines ends up fitting perfectly makes this drama a unique piece of art. One of the things we can say about it is that it is not just a normal cliché. You might need some tissues because it reflects how life can be.

Also, just look at the side-by-side of young vs older. The attention to detail really shines in the little things.

Image Source: Netflix Japan
Image Source: Netflix Japan

The Soundtrack

As we mention, this drama is based on two songs, but they are not just some songs. They are soft, beautiful, and human. Not only that but the other medley of songs lent to this show were perfectly crafted to polish off this storytelling.

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At this point, we are tempted to start the drama all over again, and we hope we were able to share with you how much we love this drama and all of its little details. Definitely, destiny works in a really strange way, but there are these little things and details that make us think that we are the main character.

If you need even more convincing, we leave the official trailer here:

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