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Here Are 8 Of NMIXX Sullyoon’s Cutest Photocards

Here Are 8 Of NMIXX Sullyoon’s Cutest Photocards

You know when you see that one photocard that might just be the most adorable thing you’ve laid eyes on? We get that feeling a lot with NMIXX cards, especially ones with Sullyoon on them. It’s happened so many times that we thought we’d round up some of our faves to share with fellow NSWERs! Here are just a few of our favorite Sullyoon cards that have come out since NMIXX debuted.

Ad Mare Light Version

Of course, we have to start with the OG: Princess Sullyoon! This pretty card came with the light version of NMIXX’s debut single album, Ad Mare, and the picture is from the set of their ‘O.O’ music video. It was one of the first Sullyoon photocards that NSWERs could get their hands on, and it’s still just as stunning as the first time we saw it.

Ad Mare Makestar Lucky Draw PVC Set

Rocking an outfit from the Ad Mare jacket photoshoot and certain performances of ‘O.O,’ Sullyoon absolutely stole our hearts with this Lucky Draw set! The first card has adorable bunny and heart doodles, while the second is a selfie that lives in our minds rent-free.

Ad Mare KTown4U Fansign Event

The outfits NMIXX wore for ‘TANK’ performances really hit differently, so we’re glad that this set of KTown4U cards immortalized them! This “poke” pose is so sweet, and we especially loved Sully’s hairstyle that day, so this card just had to make our list.

Ad Mare Makestar Fansign Event

We’ll never say no to a holographic photocard, and especially not when it’s this gorgeous Sullyoon. She seemingly took this selfie when NMIXX performed ‘O.O’ on Music Core, so it’s even more special to us since that’s one of our favorite NMIXX stages! Between the bow in her hair and the glam outfit, we can’t get enough.

ENTWURF KTown4U Fansign Event (Limited Version)

Listen, we’re a sucker for any heart Sullyoon. So when she’s doing a hand-heart while wearing a heart shirt, of course it’s gonna become one of our favorite photocards! Something really stands out about her photocards from music video sets, and this one is from the dance break set of the ‘DICE’ music video.

ENTWURF Makestar Fan Sign Event Round 3

Something we don’t think NMIXX gets enough credit for? Their creative photocard backs! Not only did this batch of cards have adorable, cozy photos, but they also had hand hearts made by each of the girls on the other side.

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ENTWURF Makestar Lucky Draw PVC

We’re continuing our Recognition For NMIXX Photocard Backs agenda with this ENTWURF Lucky Draw card, which leans into the Wonderland-y theme of ‘DICE’ with a reference to the Cheshire Cat! Each of the girls drew a cat for their photocard, and Sullyoon’s is an absolute masterpiece.

We could spend all day talking about our favorite Sullyoon photocards, but for now, we’ll be scouring the internet trying to get these in our collection. Which of these cards is your favorite? Do you have any of them yet? Let us know in the comments below, or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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