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Why You Should Keep Your ‘Eyes Closed’ To Open Your Ears While Listening to Ed Sheeran

Why You Should Keep Your ‘Eyes Closed’ To Open Your Ears While Listening to Ed Sheeran


Do you ever cut out one sense to amplify another? We often find ourselves doing that with music, like closing our eyes to experience a song even deeper. And if we’re listening to an Ed Sheeran song, you can almost bet we’re doing just that. From his guitar skills to his way with words and even his all-around awe-inspiring talent, Ed Sheeran has us appreciating every single piece of his music, wanting us to breathe every note in.


It’s no surprise that we are the biggest Ed Sheeran fans, and we’ve loved every project he’s put before us, but some songs just hit our heartstrings a little more. So we’ve gathered our favorite Ed tracks from each mathematics album that we always listen to with our ‘Eyes Closed,’ ya know to feel the full effect. So follow us, close those eyes, turn up the volume, and press play.

‘Eyes Closed’

When people say they still feel their loved ones with them, we like to think all it takes for us to see them is to close our eyes. And Ed paints this picture beautifully in the leading single off of his sixth studio album, Subtract. ‘Eyes Closed’ has us yearning for those who we wish to see but are no longer with us, closing our eyes to let them at the moment, as we reminisce about the past.

‘Stop The Rain’

Having a bad day? Ed Sheeran has a fix for that! So, close those eyes and let the sounds heal you. Reminding us that you can’t stop the rain, so there’s no use in moping, just pick up that umbrella until it passes!


One thing Ed Sheeran’s going to do is paint a vivid picture in our minds and Barcelona is a ‘Perfect’ example. Want to get into the track? Close those eyes and move freely, letting the melody take over your body! We love dancing to this one and once you hear it, you’ll understand exactly why.

‘I’m a Mess’

Not only is this song title a whole mood, but his lyricism takes us through the story so well, you won’t even need a visual. Laying out the perfect song to describe begging a love to come back to you, you can bet we listen to this on full blast with our ‘Eyes Closed’ shut as we scream the lyrics along with Ed Sheeran!


Altering his state to feel some emotions, walking around ‘Drunk’ is a little like walking around with your ‘Eyes Closed’ is it not? Filling the space in your heart with alternatives, may not be the best step but vibing out to music to really feel something should be perfectly fine (at least we hope so).

Whew, this has to have been the hardest list to put together, especially because we just binge Ed Sheeran while crying so hard our eyes stay closed anyways, so there’s that. Whether stuck closed with tears or just letting them rest as we focus on hearing every guitar strum, Ed never fails to help us remember just how strong the power of words is. And if you take a moment to sit and really listen to the music, you can find it just as beautiful as looking at the stars in the night sky!

Now, imagine listening to Ed Sheeran with your ‘Eyes Closed’ live. This literally sounds like a dream come true if you ask us. And guess what, you can manifest those dreams by catching Ed Sheeran on his Mathematics Tour! See if he’s coming close to your city right here.

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Did your favorite Ed Sheeran song make our list? What song must you listen to with your eyes closed? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us over @TheHoneyPOP! You can also reach us on Instagram and Facebook.

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