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26 Times YUNGBLUD Melted Our Black Hearts (Club)

26 Times YUNGBLUD Melted Our Black Hearts (Club)

YUNGBLUD Black Hearts Club

There’s no denying the absolute love and adoration YUNGBLUD has for his fans. Dom does his very best to show his appreciation for us. Some of the moments that come from his interactions with fans are precious and make us smile. There are some incredible people in the YUNGBLUD fandom and Dom knows it. That’s why he’s so interactive with us. He adores us as much as we adore him and he wants to show his love for us. The Black Hearts Club means the world to him and he means the world to us.

That’s why we wanted to showcase some of the interactions he’s had with us. This list could be endless considering how many videos there are out there of YUNGBLUD with fans, so we’ve compiled some of our favorites. Let’s smile together and have our adoration for Dom grow as we look through these memorable moments.

Partying In Camden Town

How could we not include this on our list? What an evening! Dom invited fans down to join him in The Hawley Arms in Camden Town, London. Drinks were had at the bar, free tattoos based around his song, ‘Lowlife,’ were on offer, and those lucky fans in attendance got to witness Dom get his own tattoo on the back of his neck. Were you there?


i 🖤 camden town

♬ Lowlife – YUNGBLUD

Dom Helping A Young Fan

If there’s one thing we absolutely adore about Dom, it’s his caring nature. He’ll stop shows midway through to make sure people are okay in the crowd. This video showcases that. He’s always on the lookout to make sure that everyone’s doing alright and taken care of, and in turn, we will look out for each other. He inspires us to keep an eye out for one another in this family. What an angel.


there is literally nobody doing it like @yungblud (i have consent from the person in the video @_v0lko to post this) #yungblud #intimateaf #paris #yb3 #yungblud3 #yungbludarmy #yungbludfan

♬ original sound – femkegunst

Batwing Hair Clips? We Want Some Too!

As we all know, YUNGBLUD has major style. There’s not one outfit out there that he’s worn that hasn’t looked good on him. Whether that be full leopard print or mismatched Uggs, he pulls it off. So obviously he was going to pull off some adorable bat wing hair clips placed in his hair by this stylish fan, Molly! And isn’t that just the sweetest smile?

Dom Trading Badges With A Fan

We’re so certain that a core memory was made for this young Black Hearts Club member at this moment at this YUNGBLUD show. What a cute little interaction! And that badge the fan got? We’re sure he’ll treasure that forever just like Dom will treasure his badge!

Big Kisses From Dom!

This sweet fan was over the moon when Dom came over in the middle of this show in Cardiff. Look at those big smiles from the two of them! We’re sure she’s going to treasure this video forever. Because, honestly, we are, too. Adorable!


Massive thank you to @Lottie Louise 💙 the complete stranger that filmed me meeting @yungblud and tracked me down on the Internet to get the video to me, u owe you my life 😭😭😭😭#yungbludconcert #yungbludfan #yungbludtok #yungbludworldtour

♬ original sound – Sh-Tics & Gigs 🕷💀🥀

Domino Meets Domino

Do we love wholesome moments? Yes. Is this one of our favorite wholesome moments of Dom with a young fan? Big yes! We’ll never get tired of YUNGBLUD meeting some of his youngest fans in the Black Hearts Club. Isn’t this just the sweetest?

‘Don’t Feel Like Feeling Sad Today’

We’re suckers for when artists include fans in their music videos and this is definitely one of our favorites! YUNGBLUD invited the Black Hearts Club to London to be included in the ‘Don’t Feel Like Feeling Sad Today’ music video and what a blast they had! Water pistols were also a necessity. Were you there?


@yungblud in London today! Don’t feel like feeling sad today 🖤

♬ original sound – yungbludarmy

Times Square Takeover

Dom never thought he’d end up standing up tall next to a lamppost in the middle of Times Square surrounded by fans, but it really did happen! What an iconic moment for YUNGBLUD and the Black Hearts Club.

The ‘Lowlife’ Car

If you went to Rock Am Ring, you would’ve had the chance to see one of the three ‘Lowlife’ cars. But not only that, you would’ve had the chance to sing the song with Dom while he stood on top of it!


I will never forget meeting him for the first time and hearing „Lowlife“ live for the first time! 🥹🖤 #yungblud #yungbludarmy #bhc #blackheartsclub #rockamring #fyp #domslowlifes #concert #lowlife #foryoupage #viral #fypシ

♬ Originalton – Pattie is a lowlife 🖤

Fan Plays Guitar On Stage

One lucky and skilled fan in Dublin, Ireland got the chance to join YUNGBLUD on stage to play ‘Fleabag’ on guitar. And play guitar, he did! What an incredible moment for this fan. We love it when artists invite fans up on stage to play instruments.


Yungblud lets fan on stage to play guitar for him in Dublin ! @yungblud #yungblud #yungbludarmy #yungbludfan @

♬ original sound – dublinconcerts_

Dom Wants An Invite To Their Wedding

If these two get married, we want to know about it. Aren’t they just the cutest couple? And having Dom literally ask to sing at the wedding as well as handing over his hat! Adorable!

A Young Fan Makes It On The Stage

We’re certain this will be a core memory for Cody! If we’re being real, some of our favorite fan interactions are with the kids. YUNGBLUD is such a sweetie with the young ones in the Black Hearts Club! But really, he’s a sweetie with everyone. We’re pretty sure he’s made of sugar at this point.

YUNGBLUD And His Reaction To A Fan Project

We’re in tears over this one! Honestly! Just look at Dom’s face! He was absolutely blown away by this. According to the comments, a dedicated fan hand-cut 2000 little pink hearts This was the result of that project during ‘Sweet Heroine.’ What an adorable reaction! You can tell this hit him right in the feels.

YUNGBLUD With Fans In The Crowd

This was a very memorable moment for the Black Hearts Club at this YUNGBLUD show in Newcastle. Not only did Dom join them in the crowd and meet some people midshow, but he also showed off his insane catching skills. What a legend. Free beer? Yes, please. We’re so like Dom.


cheers Newcastle … 🍻🖤🤍

♬ original sound – yungblud

Another Big Kiss (And A Little Bit Of Mockery)

A big thing we adore about Dom? His humor. He’s quite the character and we love how comical he can be. The only people that will ever be allowed to mock us are ourselves and Dom. He playfully imitated this fan’s reaction to him coming over to see her and then gave her a big kiss. He’s so cute.


me getting kissed by dom 🖤 if anyone has another video of this pls send it to me 🖤| 1.3.23 Velodrom Berlin . . . #yungblud #yungbludvelodrom #yungbludberlin #yungbludarmy #yungbludfan #yungbludworldtour #yungbludworldtour2023 @yungblud @yungbludarmy

♬ The Funeral – YUNGBLUD

Spray Painting In Singapore

YUNGBLUD and the Black Hearts Club members in Singapore got artsy! That’s something we adore so much. Dom will always love to include us fans wherever he can in things like this.


Look at that big hug at the end! And while we’re out here watching Dom and this fan take a shot on stage, we will remind you all to drink responsibly, Black Hearts Club!

Baby Bluds

It’s safe to say that YUNGBLUD is raising fans in the Black Hearts Club to have an incredible sense of style. Because come on. Look at these two little legends! They look so cool!

Dom Deserves All The Flowers In The World

And we’ll say it again and again because it’s true. He is an absolute angel. This is such a sweet interaction to watch!


On pense qu’elle n’oubliera jamais cette soirée ❤️ #yungblud

♬ son original – RTL2

Dom Signing A Fan’s Arm

And another big kiss right where he signed his name! Again, he’s just the sweetest. We know we’ve repeated ourselves a few times, but it’s just the truth. He is so willing to give his time to us where he can and we adore him for that so much.

Imagine Getting A Phone Call From YUNGBLUD

A fan wasn’t having a good day and got some motivating words from the man himself in this one. His energy, however loud, quiet, or simply inspiring, is always contagious. But can you actually imagine that? You’re minding your own business and, suddenly, you’re on the phone with Dom. We’re going to go ahead and manifest that for you and for ourselves.


Thsi is a vid of dom calling my moms friends kid who was not having a good day and wasn’t coming to the show cuz of it so we asked him if he could call her #yungblud #domharrison #blackheartsclub #yungbludarmy @yungblud

♬ original sound – Danika

What A Cheeky Show Off

YUNGBLUD will show off for the Black Hearts Club, and he will get a curtain falling on his head in return. Because, at the end of the day, it’s Dom. This man can be a walking comedy show at times and we adore that about him. Forever making us laugh, smile, and cry happy tears. Cheers, Dom!

Tish Living Our Dream

And can we just say that we would literally be the same if he pulled us up on stage? She’s so real for this.

The Black Hearts Club Has The Coolest Members

And as Dom said, Rainbow really is such a sick name. Being able to pick a song at a YUNGBLUD show? Another dream of ours. And cuddles? Please! We’re manifesting this for you and us. (Honestly? We manifest a lot.)

YUNGBLUD Makes Our Hearts Soar And We Make Him Fly

Or at least this lucky fan did! How precious was this hug? Dom didn’t expect to get so swept off his feet, but look how big that smile is! They’re both having the time of their lives! This is one of the best hugs with Dom at a YUNGBLUD show that we’ve ever witnessed.

Welcome Home

YUNGBLUD and the Black Hearts Club will forever be our home. Dom has created something special and we are so grateful to be able to stand beside him and everyone within this family. We will stand together in this family forever.


if you feel like you dont belong anywhere … welcome home 🖤🖤🖤 #yungblud #bhc

♬ love song – YUNGBLUD

Thank you for everything, Dom. We adore you! 🖤🖤🖤

Are you a YUNGBLUD stan and a member of the Black Hearts Club? Were you there for any of these moments? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop! You can also find us on Discord, Facebook, and Instagram.


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