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‘Me Myself & I’ Is The Honey POP’s Song Of The Summer: Confirmed!

We have been screaming nonstop!

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Our Fave Introspective 5SOS Lyrics In Honor Of 5SOS5

It’s happening!!!

QUIZ: Which Track On 5SOS5 Should You Be Claiming?

The most important, personality-defining quiz you’ll ever take, obviously.

Quiz: Can You Tell Which Of These 5SOS Facts Are False

C’mon. Give it your best.

QUIZ: We Can Guess Your Favorite 5SOS Song

We can guess your favorite 5SOS song with this quiz, or you get your money back.

‘Take My Hand’ All The Way To 5 Seconds of Summer’s World Tour

Yes, 5SOS, you can Take My Hand.


5SOS Take Us Into An Introspective Dream With ‘Take My Hand’

Take your hand? You don’t have to ask twice! 🤝

These 5 Songs Will Get You Over Any Breakup

If you need a good breakup song to cry to, we’ve got you

The 5SOS Fam Makes Us A ‘Complete Mess’

Just a little 5SOS Fam appreciation moment <3

5 Stars On The Rise You Need On Your Playlist ASAP

Just sprinkling some fresh spice into your playlists, don’t mind us!