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K-POP HOTSPOT: October 2023 Comebacks & Debuts Roundup

There’s an October K-Pop comeback and debut for everyone!

Imagining A Debut Set For Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

We’ve “heard every album,” but debut isn’t always on the setlist!

K-POP HOTSPOT: January 2024 Comebacks & Debuts Roundup

January? More like bopuary!

K-POP HOTSPOT: December 2023 Comebacks & Debuts Roundup

and with that the 2023 K-Pop season comes to an end!

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Catch The Young On Their Debut

New K-band alert: Catch The Young deserves all the love!

K-POP HOTSPOT: November 2023 Comebacks & Debuts Roundup

November was a month for long-awaited comebacks!

Image credits: Celina Kenyon

Rosie Darling’s Lanterns Is Our Darling Debut Album

We were starving for new heartbroken, sad girl content and we were finally fed!

Elina Drops Her Debut Album Whatever Happens Now

Whatever Happens Now. Well, we know what happens next for Elina, smooth sailing to a beautifully successful career.

Cian Ducrot’s Debut Album, Victory, Is A Win

Common Cian W!

Kamille Dazzles With Her Debut Mini Album K1

So many ‘Options’ of new favorite songs!