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Our Favorite Alexander 23 Internet Moments

It’s Alexander 23’s internet and we’re just living in it

‘I Wanna Live Forever’ & 4 Other Alexander 23 Song Lyrics That Make Great Instagram Captions

Brb, choosing the best lyric for our next post

Alexander 23 Has Us In Our Feels As Usual With ‘How To Drive’

Filed under: things worth waiting for

Listen To Alexander 23 Once A Day So You Don’t Feel ‘ill’

We’re prescribing 23 doses of this track a day

Alexander 23 Is Back With Aftershock Deluxe To Shake Up Our World

It’s the gift that keeps on giving apparently

‘If We Were A Party’ We’d Want Alexander 23 In Attendance

But how do we play with the puppies too?

The Emotional Aftershock Of Alexander 23’s Album Is Too Real

We’re still processing it tbh

Introducing Grace Enger’s, ‘When It Was Over’

Grace Enger is just getting started!

‘I Wish’ We Could Go Back And See Reneé Rapp At The Sold-Out Snow Hard Feelings Tour in Houston

We will ‘Talk Too Much’ about this tour and we are not sorry!

Reneé Rapp Opens Up With Zane Lowe For Apple Music 1

Reneé is the prettiest poison we’ve ever seen!