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Are We Still Processing Alexander 23’s Aftershock Announcement? Yes And We’re HYPED

We’re definitely still shocked (but like in a good way)

It’s Sad Boi Hours With ‘Cosplay (Stripped)’

Aftershock is really the gift that keeps on giving

Alexander 23 Touches On ‘The Hardest Part’ Of Grief

Yes those are tears on our face

‘Somebody’s Nobody’ Has Us Simping For The Summer Courtesy of Alexander 23

Further proof that no one does it like Alexander 23

Listen To Alexander 23 Once A Day So You Don’t Feel ‘ill’

We’re prescribing 23 doses of this track a day

‘If We Were A Party’ We’d Want Alexander 23 In Attendance

But how do we play with the puppies too?

The Emotional Aftershock Of Alexander 23’s Album Is Too Real

We’re still processing it tbh

23 Lyrics By Alexander 23 That Hit Us Right In The Feels

If you catch us crying on the floor, it’s probably to these lyrics.

‘Hate Me If It Helps’ Except We Love Everything About It (And Alexander 23)

We could never hate Alexander 23 but ‘Hate Me If It Helps’ slaps

Oh No Not A Tour

Here’s Why You Need To See Alexander 23 Live On Oh No, Not A Tour

We wanna see Alexander 23 live again and again and again…