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Hoyoverse Is Bringing Liyue And More To Life At Anime Expo!

Still planning your Anime Expo schedule? Don’t forget to check out Hoyoverse’s events and booths!


SG5 Is Fighting Evil By Moonlight, Winning Love At Anime Expo

They are the ones on whom we can depend…they are the ones named SG5!


Save The World In Yostar’s New Game Aether Gazer At Anime Expo

Counting the days until we spend all our days saving the world of Aether Gazer!


Explore Stellis In The New Tears Of Themis Anniversary Event!

We are so ready to crack down on another year’s worth of cases and adventures with Artem, Vyn, Marius, and Luke!


SG5 Is Almost Here, We Can Feel It

Slowly but surely coming our way!