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5 Reasons You Should Be Stanning Calum Hood

You really don’t have to ‘Try Hard’ when it comes to stanning Calum Hood.


QUIZ: Which Calum Hood Bass Are You?

Calum’s had a bass to fit every aesthetic he’s dressed in over the years, which one are you?


Here’s Why Calum Hood Would Make The Best Friend

Calum Wins The Best Friend Award

10 Songs That Remind Us Of Calum Hood

brb, making a Calum Hood playlist.


Calum Hood’s 25th Birthday Fundraiser

5SOS fans are getting together to raise funds for We Need Crew!

Jagwar Twin Launched His New Series The Mirror & We’re In Awe

Come reflect with Roy and Calum Hood!


QUIZ: What Iconic Calum Hood Moment Are You?

What Calum moment will you get?

5SOS Furthers Our Nostalgia With The Video For ‘2011’

One word, Calum Hood.

5 Times 5SOS Slayed Halloween

Here are 5 times 5SOS owned Halloween, in honor of the holiday and 5SOS5.

Quiz: Can You Tell Which Of These 5SOS Facts Are False

C’mon. Give it your best.