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Ed Sheeran Is The Mathematician Of His Life In Ed Sheeran: The Sum Of It All

What do you call friends who love maths? Alge-bros! We are so happy to go on an emotional rollercoaster with our favorite Alge-bro, Ed Sheeran.

Ed Sheeran '-' album promotional image

Ed Sheeran Pours Heart Into New Album

Entering Our Ed Sheeran Mathematics Era

Ed Sheeran Joins Blue Note Jazz Club’s Harmonicist

We love when two genres ‘collide’ and we see our favorite singer-songwriter colaborate with a jazz harmonicist!


MetLife Stadium Had The Best ‘Visiting Hours’ With Ed Sheeran

The Mathematics Tour can’t get anymore ‘Perfect’ after the MetLife Stadium nights….or can it?

Seasons Change But Our Love For These Ed Sheeran Albums Never Does

We are falling for Ed Sheeran…again


Ed Sheeran Has A New Addition For Fans: The — (Subtract) Tour Is Coming

The new tour and album might be called Subtract but we are getting the best additions ever from Ed Sheeran!


Ed Sheeran Draws The ‘Curtains’ For – (Subtract)’s Live Debut On Apple Music Live

This is surely the interview and performance of all time!


‘Boat’ by Ed Sheeran Is A Sentimental Life-Saver Keeping Us Afloat

Ed Sheeran is reminding us that maybe we are sturdier than the Titanic…

10 Ed Sheeran Songs That Prove His Music Is Multi-Generational

We might just be Thinking out Loud here, but here are some of our favorite Ed Sheeran songs.


Why You Should Keep Your ‘Eyes Closed’ To Open Your Ears While Listening to Ed Sheeran

No we’re not sleepy, just listening to Ed Sheeran…