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We HAVE to Talk About Taylor Swift’s Emo Phase

So many pop stars have gone through their emo phase but our favorite has to be Taylor Swift.

It’s National Emo Day

‘Sing it for the world’ and embrace your emo heart!

Lil Peep

Remembering Lil Peep: Our Emo-Trap Heart Throb

Celebrating his remarkable legacy.

State Champs Hold The Record For Coolest Upstate NY Emo Band and Here’s Why

We quite literally cannot get this song out of our heads (and honestly as we should)

‘Featuring Mark Hoppus’ But Make It Acoustic: A Hot Mulligan Hot Take

High energy emo, but make it acoustic.

7 Of Machine Gun Kelly’s Most Creative Music Videos

You don’t need to be an ‘emo girl’ to fall in love with these!

TX2 Don’t ‘Pull The Plug’ When It Comes To Fire Vibes!

There is electricity in the air with TX2 new single!

guccihighwaters: Breaks Out Of ‘Straight Jacket’ & Into The Scene

The water is high, but gucci has us prepared.

Loud and Sad Radio with host Pete Wentz

Loud And Sad Radio With Heartthrob Host Pete Wentz

More than an emo-hearthrob-hottie, Pete Wentz adds radio host to his resume!


The Kid LAROI: ‘Tragic’ Visual Is Catastrophically Righteous

We’re feeling Righteous about The Kid LAROI, wonder why?