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5 Iconic Gorillaz Moments To Celebrate Their New Single

‘Cracker Island’ has been stuck on repeat!

Let’s Head To Cracker Island: Everything We Know About Gorillaz’s New Album

They’re bringing us some ‘New Gold!’

Gorillaz Sends Incoming Vibes With Song Machine Radio

Sound Machine radio to tie us over until the album release.

Gorillaz Are Out Here Defining These Strange Timez

We’d do the time warp but these Timez are already Strange enough.

Song Machine Live, Do The Gorillaz Have Your Attention?

Where’s your tinfoil hat??

‘PAC-MAN’, Nomming Some Ghosts: Gorillaz Know What’s Up

Kicking it with some old school ‘PAC-MAN’. Let’s go!

‘How Far?’ Let’s Ask The Gorillaz

We all want to know the answers to many things, Gorillaz ask ‘How Far?’ Does anyone really know?

ALMANAC: 20 Years of Gorillaz… This Is Not A Drill

This is one ALMANAC that you never thought you wanted. Never thought you needed. Yet here we are.

GORILLAZ Presents: Song Machine

A staple in American adolescence, Gorillaz are back for more.

We’re Diving Into Gorillaz Song Machine With Code Name ‘Aries’

We’re on to another high flying, far reaching adventure with the Gorillaz Song Machine Episode 3. Are you in?