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Inhaler Cheers Up The Soul With New Single

‘Cheer Up Baby’ the latest installment got these visceral guitar hooks!

‘My Honest Face’ Says Inhaler Is The Next Big Thing!

Can you be honest? Inhaler tunes are tasty, don’t you think?

5 Of Our Favorite Lyrics From August Royals’ Inhaler EP

It’s just a matter of time until he’s regarded as songwriting royalty!

These Are the Days: Inhaler’s Sold Out Two Night Tour Stop In Boston

We got to attend Inhaler’s sold out show in Boston–and fan-girled the whole night.

Inhaler’s My Honest Face Rebirth Is Fantastic!

Show ‘Your Power’ and sing along to Inhaler’s My Honest Face new EP!

Sweet Releases Brings Us Sweet New Tunes

We can’t help pollen in love with these sweet new releases

It’s Finally New Music Friday!

Our favorite day of the week is upon us!

Jalle ‘I’m Sorry’ I’m Too Addicted To Your Songs!

I’m Sorry to interrupt your regular programing! Jalle is your new shining star!

Visit Sea Girls ‘Hometown’ Anytime!

Let’s take a walk around Sea Girls’ ‘Hometown.’

The Clockworks hit like a storm with ‘Feels So Real’

Wandering around the city with big stormy riffs! The Clockworks is going to be your new fav!