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We’re Losing Our Minds Over Loki

As Loki himself once said, “[our] saviour is here!”

loki in ragnarok

Loki’s Best Moments, According To Us

Loki is everyone’s favorite villain turned anti-hero and we need to talk more about him!

loki and agent mobius

We Finally Have New Loki Content!

Here we are once again to go crazy over Loki, is anyone surprised?

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Can We Talk About Judge Renslayer From Loki?

Gugu M’Batha Raw in the MCU? It’s called perfection, look it up!

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What Makes Loki Such A Hit With Marvel Fans

Pretty sure Loki would be proud of how confused his show is making us feel.

Loki Ended With More Questions Than Answers, And We’re Not Complaining

Sorry this one took a while, we were busy processing everything about this episode of Loki.

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Loki And Sylvie Stole Our Hearts And We’re Not Even Mad

Marvel knew what they were doing when they brought Loki and Sylvie together.

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What We Learned From The New Loki Trailer

Once more, we’re here to try to get as much information as we can out of a trailer.

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Loki Is Coming To Us Earlier Than We Thought!

Loki is coming and we can’t wait!