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How MOD SUN Encourages Us To Celebrate Our ‘Battle Scars’

Gotta ‘grow thru what u go thru!’

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan MOD SUN

Don’t ‘Stay Away,’ get to know him and his music!

MOD SUN Takes A Stand In ‘Rich Kids Ruin Everything’

MOD SUN says what he feels in ‘Rich Kids Ruin Everything,’ and we can’t get enough!

MOD SUN’s Internet Killed The Rockstar Has Arrived

MOD SUN releases new album and its on FIRE.

8 Love Songs By Avril Lavigne To Celebrate Her Engagement

Love is in the air for Avril Lavigne and MOD SUN! ❤️

MOD SUN & Avril Lavigne’s ‘Flames’ Cannot Be Put Out

MOD Sun Ft. Avril Lavigne is pure fire.

MOD SUN And Avril Lavigne Create Another Fire With ‘Flames’ Music Video

Same ‘Flames,’ that created an even bigger fire!

Mod Sun Is Back To Remind You Karma’s A Bitch!

What goes around, comes around!

Bones Mod Sun single artwork

We Can Feel It In Our Bones, MOD SUN’s Latest Single Really Hits Deep

You’ll feel the emotions from this one deep in your ‘Bones.’